What is a Wart and What Causes It?

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What is a Wart and What Causes It?

What is a wart? Most people have at least one wart on their body at any given time. Because these are so common those who have them generally don’t question where they come from. Learning more about what causes warts can keep you informed and even help you avoid developing certain kinds. Since there are a few different kinds the causes will vary and so will the treatments.

  • HPV. The common warts that most people have today are a result of a skin infection that affects the top layer of the skin. This infection is related to HPV and results in skin cells growing more rapidly than they should, which is how the wart is created. HPV is a virus that is found virtually everywhere today. Whether you’re opening or door or turning a light on, this virus could be within hands reach at all times. Different strains of HPV cause warts to develop on various parts of the body. For example, some virus strains will cause hand warts, which are most common among individuals who get occasional warts.

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  • Contact. If you contact the skin of someone else who has warts, you should expect to get one yourself. This is even truer if you have damaged or broken skin, which is more susceptible to infections. Even broken fingernails or cuts from shaving can cause warts to develop. The act of shaking a person’s hand can even put you at risk for developing a wart, so there’s really no way to know where you got one from, if you do end up with one.


  • Objects. Any objects that have been touched by someone with a virus can carry it for a long time. For example, if you use a hand towel at the home of someone who has a wart, you are likely to get it yourself. There are a lot of places where this virus can hide, which is why warts are so commonly seen today. There really is no way to avoid touching surfaces that can carry this virus, unless you constantly wear gloves with everything that you touch.


  • Immune Systems. If you have a weak immune system you are likely to contract warts more often than someone who has a strong immune system. This is a big reason why children develop warts more frequently than most adults do. Taking immune-strengthening vitamins and supplements can help you avoid warts and avoid getting sick as well.

When your skin gets an infection from HPV on it, you can expect warts to develop. The good news is that these not life-threatening and can easily be treated in a number of different ways. Of course you should always wash your hands and use hand sanitizer if you want to avoid your risk of infection. Just know that if you do happen to get a wart, you don’t need to stress out for the rest of your life. It’s commonly seen today and is something a lot of people deal with during at least one time in their life.

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