Are Warts Contagious?

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Are Warts Contagious?

Warts come in different shapes, sizes colors and they can also appear all over the body. The variety in appearance is due to so many different types of warts. If you’re worried about whether or not these are contagious, you’re not alone. A lot of people wonder whether or not they can get warts from other people or spread the ones they have to others.

Are Skin Warts Contagious?

Yes! Warts can easily be passed between individuals even with just minimal contact. This is why it’s so important to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer when it’s appropriate. If you’re concerned about how these are spread from one person to another, here are a few of the most common ways:

  • hand shakeSkin to skin contact can easily result in transferring warts if one of those people were infected. This is especially true if you have broken skin or cuts where the infection can get into and spread. This can be through your hands or any other part of your body, so make sure to use bandages whenever necessary. Using hand sanitizer and wearing gloves are both things you can do to protect your hands from germs that are everywhere.

  • relationshipsSexual intercourse carries a high chance of transferring genital warts from one person to another. While condoms can help prevent this from happening, they are not 100% protective. There is always a chance that someone can give these to another person when sexual contact is involved. Seeing a doctor is extremely important for anyone who contracts genital warts. There are a lot of treatment options that doctors can offer to keep these under control.
  • Have you recently used someone else’s beach towel? Do you share shoes with a friend? What about razors in the shower? These things and many others can all carry viruses that result in warts. When you touch these when they are carrying the virus you are likely to get warts on your skin. If you want to avoid this from happening, always use fresh towels and make sure makeup or anything else you use is yours! Sharing is great, but it’s not recommended for a number of items that can carry wart viruses.

How to Treat Them?

If you end up contracting warts you don’t have to become extremely stressed. These are common and are generally not life threatening, so you don’t have anything to worry about! Even better, most of these will go away on their own without you having to do anything at all. If you want to get rid of them quickly, there are a lot of home treatment options you can choose from. These are natural, cheap and effective for most people.

There are also treatments available from doctors if you aren’t having any luck with home remedies. These can be effective, but sometimes the cost is expensive. If you have a wart that is bothering you because it hurts, go and see your doctor. Pain can be a sign that something else is wrong and medical attention is needed. For more information on removal methods, visit our “warts” category.

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