Tea Tree Oil Skin Tag Removal Method

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Tea Tree Oil Skin Tag Removal Method

Skin tags are flaps of skin that grow on certain areas of the body. These growths are benign and not dangerous at all. With more doctors opting not to work on them via surgery, people are looking for more home remedies by the day. These growths majorly appear on places where the body experiences a lot of friction due to movement. They can occur under the armpits, under the breast, on the folds of the stomach or neck, at the back of the knees or behind the elbow.

Many people with skin tags will opt to remove them for various reasons. They can cause discomfort generally. This by clothes rubbing on them or any other object brushing past them. They will also cause discomfort and self-consciousness if they appear on clearly visible places like the neck, face and arms. The removal methods employed will determine how long it will take to get rid of them.

Tea Tree Oil Removal Method

oil in bottleTea tree oil removal method is an effective way to painlessly deal with skin tags. The method is pretty easy to follow and the ingredients cheap. Tea tree oil has the ability to dry off skin tags till they fall off. Just like any other home remedy, its is not 100% guaranteed to work. It is however a harmless method that could work wonders for the troublesome skin tags. It is recommended to remove skin tags medically. The tea tree oil method is done using this simple procedure.

  • Wash the area and the skin tag properly with medicated soap if possible. This will help in removing any oils and dirt from the area.
  • Pat the area dry with a clean towel.
  • Take some petroleum jelly and apply it around the skin tag area and not on the skin tag itself. This protects the skin around it from whatever will be used.
  • Take a small swab and with a few drops of tea tree oil cover the tag with the swab and a bandage and leave it for some hours. If possible do this at night before going to sleep.
  • Remove the swab in the morning and repeat this two to 3 times. The tag will start drying off and fall on its own volition.

Side Effects and Guarantees

Tea tree oil has no side effects. The amount of concentration can be a problem though for different people. You can dilute the oil with a little olive oil for use. This is only is the oil irritates your skin. The guarantee as stated earlier is not given. You can however add the amount of tea tree oil used with time if the effects are not seen. Patience is paramount for the best results.

The best remedies used need to leave the skin without blemishes. Rash methods like cutting off the skin tag may be very painful and cause a lot of bleeding. Skin tags are not dead cells and so you will definitely feel the pinch. The method recommended will cost you nothing but a little tea tree oil and patience to try making it an absolute solution at the same time. Skin tags can be very painful when brushed during showering taking away the joy in simple things. This removal method could be the answer you need.

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