How to Deal With Skin Tags During Pregnancy

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How to Deal With Skin Tags During Pregnancy

Skin tags can increase in number during pregnancy for a number of reasons which are not yet clear to doctors. Some believe that the increased appearance of skin tags are due to the hormonal changes that occur with pregnancy. Read on to learn more about how you can deal with them.

Why They Appear?

They appear because of the hyperactive growth of the topmost layer of the skin brought about by hormonal imbalances that occur when a woman is pregnant. Another theory as to why these tags appear in pregnant women is the combination of hormonal changes and the increased friction against the skin and the clothing especially with the extra weight and bodily expansion that occurs when a woman becomes pregnant. This is likely since more skin tags tend to appear when a woman reaches the last stages of pregnancy, which are also the stages when a pregnant woman gains more weight.

small blemishIn some women, the skin tags disappear after pregnancy so there is no need to see a doctor about them. However, if the blemishes remain even after you have given birth, you can have them removed after pregnancy, especially if they are located in places where they are conspicuous or very uncomfortable such as the neck, the face, or the vaginal area.

How to Remove Them?

Although you can leave skin tags alone, you might want to have them removed if you experience pain because the tags can become irritated or inflamed when rubbed or cut. The most common procedures done to remove skin tags include:

  • Cutting
  • Freezing with liquid nitrogen
  • Cauterization

beautiful womanYou can have them removed by a dermatologist but this is done best after pregnancy. Some dermatologists can even cut the tags off after the application of a topical anesthetic. All these procedures are very quick and easy to do, and you can go home after the session is done. Another option would be the use of topical creams that burn the skin tag stalks. However, it is important to have all these procedures done after you have given birth to avoid any complications brought about by the medications.

Skin tags may increase in number once you become pregnant. However, they are not malignant so you can wait until the pregnancy is over to have them removed. It is important to make sure that the skin tags are not irritated or inflamed to avoid any unnecessary complications. Wear loose-fitting clothes to avoid chaffing and avoid picking the tags to prevent infections.

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