Skin Tags on Face and How to Remove Them

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Skin Tags on Face and How to Remove Them

Facial skin tag is as common as skin tag on other body parts, and affects most people, especially around midlife. While skin tags are generally the size of a rice grain, some grow as big as grapes. In such cases, the skin tag can put stress on a person’s external appearance, like acne hampers a person’s self-confidence. However as skin tags are benign, besides cosmetic issues, they don’t pose any serious health risks to the inflicted. Skin tags can occur in various parts of the body, including the groin and neck region, armpits, eyelids and face. When it comes to facial skin tags, the upper cheeks and eyelids are the areas usually affected.

Why is This So?

In case of skin tags on eyelids, they generally occur because of the levels of friction between the skin layers. With the eyes blinking thousands of time a day, the chances of skin tags developing increases. Scientists still don’t know why skin tags are predominantly found on the upper cheek areas of the face. However, it is thought that factors like diet, genetics, hormones and hydration levels play an important part in the development of skin tags.

Removal Methods

Once you decide to remove your blemish, there are various methods you can consider:

  • scalpelCutting it off using scissors or scalpel: This is best done by your chosen dermatologist or health care professional. The skin tag is effectively and easily removed just by snipping it off. There may be some bleeding; this is why the wound should be bandaged to prevent an infection. Some people may try to remove skin tags by snipping it off themselves at home; this is not advised as it can lead to an infection and other matters.
  • Burning with electricity: Skin tags are effectively removed using cauterization where the skin tag is practically burnt away using a particular tool. As the wound is sealed during the process, the risk of an infection is eliminated.
  • Liquid nitrogen freezing: This simple but effective removal option involves getting the skin tag removed using extremely low temperatures. This process is called cryotherapy where the skin tag is clamped between the tips of a special forceps for fifteen seconds. This makes the skin tag fall off after a week or so. Some people complain of a mild stinging sensation during the procedure.
  • Cutting off blood circulation: This is a popular removal method that can be performed by a professional dermatologist or at home, by tying strong cotton or dental floss tightly around the blemish. Once the blood supply to the blemish is stopped, it dies and falls away within a week’s time.

Sometimes, the location of the blemish makes it difficult carrying out this procedure alone, and requires the help of an additional pair of hands. To speed up the process, the tag is sometimes snipped or cut away; in such cases, it is important that an antibacterial ointment is applied to the wound to reduce the risks of an infection.

Home Remedies

home remedies

  • Nail polish: The chemicals in a nail polish can make the skin tag dry out and shrink over a two week period where the nail polish is applied twice a day.
  • Topical treatments: There are many topical treatments available to apply on the skin tag; and most of them work by drying out the skin tag.
  • Home remedies: Though some products containing high levels of vitamin E and tea tree oil helps in removing skin tags, the juices of some vegetables and fruits and substances like honey also help with skin tag removal.

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