Causes and Removal of Skin Tags On Eyelid

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Causes and Removal of Skin Tags On Eyelid

Skin tags are unsightly balls of flesh that frequently grow on your eyelids, but these benign growths are also found on other parts of the body. These tags are generally in skin color; however sometimes they are red or darker in color. Although they are not painful and harmless, larger tags may burst with constant rubbing and scratching. They appear on anyone, even the children, but they are common in adults over the age of 50. You cannot get rid of them without treatment; they can be removed safely with professional help.

Appearance of Skin Tags on Eyelid

The eyelid is a very normal place to get a skin tag. When they develop on your eyelids, they may interfere with your vision, the ability to close or open your eyes easily and the general eye health. The small bumps are in the same color as the surrounding skin; however they may vary in color sometimes. Their texture, size and base width also varies; usually they are small in size, but can grow to ½ inch long. They are not dangerous and it is not necessary to remove them, but eyelid skin tags may pose cosmetic problems and most people want to remove them to regain their self-esteem. Unlike the other tags that can be treated at home, eyelid skin tags should be treated with the help of an ophthalmologist because the tags are present close to the delicate eye tissue.


  • eyelidObesity. Obese people are prone to many skin-related problems; their higher glucose levels may tend to develop tags. They may also develop eyelid skin tags because of the folds around their eyes that rub against the brow line. Blinking, opening and closing your eyes cause friction, and rubbing the eye area causes skin irritation, which leads to skin tag formation. Studies have revealed that there is a relation between high glucose levels, obesity and skin tags.
  • Pregnancy. In pregnant women, it is common to find tags on their eyelids, but they are also seen in areas where their skin rubs against tight clothing. Lesions in pregnant women are caused by various reasons like stress and hormonal changes. Hormonal changes may cause the growth of a top layer of eye skin and this further causes the formation of blemishes. These tags in pregnant women, disappear after delivery.
  • Steroids. Steroids interfere with your muscles and cause the collagen fibers to stick together, thus forming skin tags.
  • Diabetes. The high glucose level of diabetic patients may trigger skin tag growth. Their bodies’ resistance to insulin causes the body materials to bond together to form lesions.
  • Medical Conditions. Certain medical conditions such as Atherosclerosis, insulin resistance, diabetes and obesity may play a role in the formation of skin tags. These skin tags form in the folds of the skin and creases of the skin when they rub together.
  • Heredity. Heredity and family history have a major role in developing lesions.
  • Friction. This is the main cause of skin tags on eyelids. Skin rubs against skin causing lesions to appear.

It is a good idea to consult an ophthalmologist for eyelid tags, even if you are not interested in having them removed.

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