What Causes Skin Tags on Armpits and How to Remove Them

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What Causes Skin Tags on Armpits and How to Remove Them

Most people find a rice grain sized skin tag or a string of them develop somewhere on their body, some time in their life, especially on armpits. However these tags are not restricted to only the armpits, they may develop on various other body parts. Some of them may even grow to the size of grapes in some people; but luckily, are usually benign. This is why skin tags are not considered to be a threat to one’s health.  Sometimes they may occur on the face, especially on the eyelids or on armpits, and become a source of embarrassment for the concerned individual. They may consider removing the skin tags because of this, and this is possible in various ways including home remedies (check out our “mole removal” category to learn more) and traditional surgery methods.

Places Where They Usually Develop

Besides the face, skin tags also show up in:

  • The neck region
  • The groin region
  • In the armpits
  • Upper chest

Reasons for Development of Skin Tags on Armpits

blemishes under armsIt is proven that skin tags in the armpits develop because the skin folds or creases rub together. In other words, it is friction that triggers the formation of blemishes. This is the reason why you usually find them forming in places where two areas of skin constantly rub together.

How to Avoid Them

While scientists don’t actually know why skin tags develop, they believe that the following factors do contribute to the formation of skin tags:

  • Weight loss: As studies have proven that skin tags are more common in the obese, if you are obese, reducing weight can help reduce the chances of developing skin tags.
  • Wear loose clothing: It is also a known fact that friction of the skin leads to development of skin tags. So avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes and instead, switch to wearing loose clothes.
  • Controlling blood sugar levels: As people suffering from diabetes are at a risk of developing skin tags, controlling blood sugar levels is not only healthy for them, but it also helps prevent skin tags.
  • Check your deodorant: In case of skin tags developing on armpits, its better checking and perhaps changing the deodorant used. This is because there are some deodorants that have more oil, which can prevent the chaffing of skin and thus, formation of blemishes.
  • Reduce jewelry: As skin tags arise when the skin is rubbed or irritated, the chances of skin tags forming is increased in people constantly wearing necklaces or chains. So to avoid them, it’s better to limit the use of jewelry to only special occasions.

There are various other factors that contribute to the formation of skin tags, like hormones. Though it is not possible to effectively control skin tags, avoiding some things can help.

Things That Help:

  • Limiting one’s sugar intake levels, especially in the form of beverages and sweets.
  • Avoid eating fried foods on a daily basis.
  • Avoid stressful situations.
  • Increase the consumption of dietary fiber
  • Eating a healthy diet that includes more of fruits and vegetables.

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