Skin Tag Removal Cost

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Skin Tag Removal Cost

Removing skin tags surgically comes with a price tag. The cost will obviously depend on the type of procedure used to remove the tag. One important thing we should learn is the importance of dealing with a dermatologist instead of any other doctor. A dermatologist has specialized in dealing with dermal disorders and as such, they have the latest and highly effective treatments for these conditions.

Again, dermatologists are often in a position to perform the treatment during the first visit as opposed to other doctors who will require you to come in for several visits prior to performing the real treatment. This can reduce the cost of treating the skin tag by a great difference. This typewrite summarizes the different surgical procedures of removing a skin tag and their cost. Read on.

The Cost of Removing a Skin Tag by Surgery

  • Cutting. Though this doesn’t sound like a surgical procedure, it’s is considered as one because it involves the use of a localized anesthetic and surgical clippers. Once the anesthetic is administered, the skin tag is simply cut off using the surgical clippers; a procedure known as excision. Bleeding is expected after which the wound is dressed with antibacterial ointment to prevent infection. The dressing is changed regularly for a few days but once the wound starts healing, the dressing is removed. This procedure costs approximately $100.
  • Tying. Just like in the aforementioned procedure, a local anesthetic is also used in this procedure. After numbing the skin tag area, your dermatologist will tie the base of the tag using a suture. The suture will curb the skin tag’s blood supply and when left for a number of days, the tag will die and fall off on its own. This is a very simple procedure that doesn’t require much aftercare. You only need to take painkillers such as Paracetamol to ease pain after the initial anesthetic wears off. The suture treatment often costs $60.
  • Freezing. This procedure is also known as cryotherapy; a Greek word that means “extremely cold”. A local anesthetic is mandatory when the procedure is being carried out, as without it, the treatment would involve excruciating pain. After the anesthetic, skin tag is exposed to liquid nitrogen for a couple of seconds. The liquid nitrogen freezes the tag and after a few days it dies and falls off. Just like in the typing procedure, post-care involves nothing but taking painkillers when the anesthetic wears off. This is the most expensive treatment as it costs $160.
  • Burning. Though the name suggests otherwise, this procedure doesn’t require fire. Instead, cauterization is used to burn the skin tag. Just like all the other procedures, your dermatologists will administer a local anesthetic and then use a heating element to burn and seal the wound. Once again, the aftercare involves taking painkillers when the anesthetic wears off. The procedure costs around $120.

The above stipulated procedures can be done in the comfort of your home save for cauterization (burning). However, it’s important that you seek the advice of a dermatologist so as to reduce the chances of infection.

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