How to Remove Skin Tags With Nail Polish

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How to Remove Skin Tags With Nail Polish

If you have skin tags on your body you don’t have to go to your dermatologist in order to get them removed. Skin tags can easily be removed with things you have around the house, including nail polish! The chemicals inside of the polish are strong enough to remove the tag, but gentle enough not to damage the rest of your skin.

Why Nail Polish?

It has strong chemicals in it that can eat away at the cells that make up a skin tag. This doesn’t hurt and only requires a few minutes per day. Most people see results within a few days or weeks. The cost of this remedy is low, making it a great alternative to more expensive doctor’s office procedures.


easy methodNail polish can easily remove skin tags from all over your body, including the arms and legs. Just make sure you talk to your doctor before you get started to make sure the tag is not cancerous.

  • Pick out a nail polish to use for the removal process. Clear is generally the best color to go with, especially if you have the mole in a noticeable area on your face or body.
  • Gently rinse your skin tag area with soap and water so it’s clean and free from dirt. After this, allow it to dry completely so that there is no more moisture left on the area.
  • Paint the polish onto the tag after the area has completely dried. Make sure the area is covered completely so there is no skin on the tag left behind. Wait for this to dry before moving around or doing any type of activity. You should also avoid wearing clothes that rub on the polish or the tag.
  • Leave the polish on for the day without washing it off. Avoid getting any lotions or chemicals onto the skin to ensure the tag stays completely covered.
  • Repeat the process of applying the polish twice per day in order to get rid of it the quickest. Eventually the tag will start to shrink in size so it’s less noticeable.


  • Always rinse the skin off before you put on the nail polish. Also make sure you don’t leave any water on the skin, or else the polish will end up coming off or not drying properly.
  • The skin tag may start to scab over or flake as it shrinks in size. This is normal and will stop as soon as the tag has completely come off of the skin.
  • If the tag is near or around your eyes, avoid using nail polish as a way to get rid of it. This can cause irritation with your eyes and may also result in temporary vision problems.
  • If the polish doesn’t seem to be making a difference within a few weeks, stop using it and go to a different remedy. Some people react well to this remedy while others find that it doesn’t change their tag at all.
  • This method may not be suitable if you have sensitive skin.

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