Causes for Skin Tags in the Mouth and Home Remedies

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Causes for Skin Tags in the Mouth and Home Remedies

Skin tags affect people of all ages; however these lesions are especially common in older people. These skin tags are flesh colored, rice sized flaps of skin which commonly appear in places where the skin rubs or is in contact with each other.

As it is, it is scientifically proven that there are no health concerns associated with skin tags. However based on where they are located, they may reduce a person’s self-confidence levels. The most common places to find skin tags are on the eyelids and on the neck region, where they are easily visible to others.

Skin tags that occur in the mouth are benign, or in other words, non-cancerous. However it is highly recommended that you consult your own health care professional if the skin tag changes color or starts bleeding. This is very rare, but should not be neglected.

The Common Places for Skin Tags to Occur

blemishPeople who develop skin tags usually develop them in the following regions:

  • under the breasts
  • around the groin region
  • on the neck and eyelids
  • in the buttock region

In addition to this, in rare cases, skin tags may also occur in the mouth. Though these skin tags are not dangerous, they can be difficult to treat because it’s difficult accessing them and because the mouth is always moist.

What Causes Skin Tags in Mouth?

It is thought that the most common reason for a skin tag to occur in the mouth is due to the accidental biting of the inside of the cheek. This is a painful experience, which leaves an open wound in the mouth. While the tissues work at repairing the damage done, the remnants that remain are skin tags.

Grinding of the teeth while sleeping can also lead to the formation of skin tags in the mouth. A night guard helps prevent this as it not only prevents further damage to the soft tissues here but also can help prevent the grinding of teeth at night too.

Home Remedies

home remediesThere are some simple home remedies made using simple ingredients that can help treat skin tags in the mouth. They are lemon, onion or pineapple juice, ginger, garlic or apple cider vinegar. All these natural ingredients effectively help treat skin tags in the mouth.

Just choose the ingredient your taste buds accept the best. It is generally better to dilute the juice, and use it just as you would use a mouth wash. Based on personal preferences, you may sometimes prefer to not swallow the mixture.

Cutting the Skin Tag?

cut skin tagAt times, you may feel like cutting off the skin tag, just as you would opt to cut off a skin tag on any other part of the body like the back of the neck. This is however not suggested or advised as it can lead to serious complications, the main complication is possible damage to the inside of the mouth by cutting other tissue areas.

This, with the possibility of a mouth bleed and a possible infection of the delicate area makes this a high risk idea. This form of skin tag removal should be carried out by a dentist, or any other health care professional.

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