Causes and Treatment of Infected Skin Tags

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Causes and Treatment of Infected Skin Tags

Skin tags are so common that one out of two people develop them some time in their lives. While scientists have been trying to find out who are at a tendency of developing skin tags, and why they get it, they have not been that fruitful with their research.

However research has proven that skin tags seldom becomes cancerous or malignant; in fact, for most people, they are just a cosmetic nuisance. However this does not mean that they should be ignored as based on where they are located, they can have a detrimental effect on your self-confidence and well-being.

These irregular, rice-sized growths can grow on many parts of the body like:

  • The groin region
  • Above the eyelids
  • On the neck
  • The armpit area
  • Under the breasts in women

How Skin Tags Get Infected

blemishes under armsIn case of skin tags in the neck region, there is a chance of they getting rubbed or scratched because of rubbing of jewelry or clothing. This repeated scratching can make the skin tags turn red in color and over time, this can lead to an infection.

Other reasons for the possible infection of blemishes are the improper treatment that a person tries to remove the skin tags, instead of seeking the help of professional health care personnel. Attempting the cut off the blemish can lead to an infection if the equipment used is not sterilized or hygienically cleaned.

In fact, this is the most common reason for infections. Sometimes a person may only remove a part of the skin tag, which leaves an open wound behind. It is necessary that these wounds are cleaned and dressed on a regular basis to prevent the chance of getting an infection.

Dealing With an Infected Skin Tag

In case the skin tag gets infected, it is important that the proper care and attention is given to the infection like:

  • Using clean and warm water to clean the area
  • Applying a recognized anti-bacterial cleaner
  • Application of a topical cream to the area
  • Avoiding scratching the infected skin tag

This should be repeated twice or thrice a day till the infection disappears. In some cases, the skin tag infection has to be treated with antibiotics. If this is the case, it’s better to seek the advice of a health care professional.

Is There a Risk of Spread of the Infected Skin Tag?

hand creamBesides the infection, many people also worry if the infected skin tag will also lead to the formation of other skin tags. However this should not be much of a worry as it has been scientifically proven that infected skin tags do not spread to form additional skin tags. However this does not imply that it is not possible for skin tags to form at a later stage.

Of course, there always is a chance of the infection spreading, which is why the infection should be treated and cleared as soon as possible, using an antibacterial cleaner. Most of the time something like TCP effectively helps clear up this type of infection.

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