Are People With Diabetes Prone to Skin Tags?

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Are People With Diabetes Prone to Skin Tags?

There are no definite causes of skin tags. Some suggest that these may be caused by the chaffing or friction when skin rubs against skin or against clothing. Other studies suggest lesions may arise due to the influence of weight, heredity and hormones. However, recent studies have shown that there is a link between diabetics and skin tags and in this article we will talk about it.

Are People With Diabetes Prone to Skin Tags?

As mentioned above, several studies are suggesting that people with diabetes are more prone to skin tags. This could be because people with type 2 diabetes are often obese and this leads to increased skin friction in some areas of the body. Another theory on why diabetics are more prone to lesions is because of increased insulin resistance in diabetics.

diabetes and medicineThe increased insulin resistance is thought to contribute to the formation of lesions and coupled with the excess weight and the increased number of skin folds, makes the formation of tags so much easier in diabetics.

These results are not conclusive, however. Lesions can be found in people who are not diabetic or pregnant, so there is a possibility that genetics could play an important role as well.

Reduction of Risks

It is important to reduce the risk factors by keeping a close check on sugar levels and maintaining normal body weight to reduce the risk of skin tags, especially for people who already are diabetics and people who have a family history of diabetes. People who have type 2 diabetes should also avoid wearing clothing that is too tight since this could also aggravate the skin and contribute to lesion formation.

Removal Methods

beautiful womanPeople with a family history of skin tags should be extra careful as well. Although lesions are often benign, attempts to remove the tags should be done once it has been determined by a doctor that the growths are skin tags and not malignant moles. Diabetics should avoid picking at their tags at all costs.

This is because diabetics suffer from slow wound healing, which means that any breaks in the skin can take some time to heal. This predisposes the person to infection after he picks at his skin tag. Diabetics who want to have their lesions removed should consult the doctor for the proper way of skin tag removal that is safe for their condition.

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