Using Dental Floss to Get Rid of Skin Tags

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Using Dental Floss to Get Rid of Skin Tags

Among growths which are found on the skin, skin tags are some of the most annoying growths. When these tags are found on your face, eyelids or neck, they can cause you embarrassment and irritation leading to self-esteem issues. They may also be painful when there is contact with something or if they get caught in clothing.

Skin tag removal involves a simple process, whether as a DIY approach or by visiting a doctor. Visiting a physician can be expensive as well as time consuming for you, which is why many people prefer using the available home remedy options. One way of doing this is by use of dental floss.

Removing Skin Tags With Dental Floss

This procedure utilizes items found around the home to rid you of these growths. This makes it economically viable and at the same time gives a high success rate.
What do you need to remove that annoying skin tag? Well, a pair of sterilized scissors, antiseptic cream and dental floss is all you need.

  • skin blemishWind the dental floss around the stalk of the tag.
  • Tighten it as much as you can to ensure there is no blood flowing through.
  • You may decide to leave on the tag till the growth falls off by itself, which may take several days (usually a week).
  • Alternatively, you can snip off the tag using the scissors as close to the skin as possible. This is done after the tag has changed its color to black because there will be minimal bleeding.
  • Use enough antiseptic around the tag to promote healing and reduce infection. If you feel like, use some gauze to protect the tag from infection.

This method is simple and straight-forward, involving minimal pain when done correctly.

How Does this Method Work?

The skin tag thrives because it gets oxygen and nutrients from the blood. Once you cut off the blood supply to the tag, it will die off and will fall of naturally. This method does not result in bleeding because there won’t be any blood being supplied. Another benefit of this technique is the minimal scarring experienced, leaving your skin smooth.
You will also get to realize that the method has been effective when the skin tag does not appear at the same spot again. Many DIY remedies have been suggested by many people, most of which don’t have clear information. Use of dental floss has been previously used and its effectiveness proven beyond reasonable doubt.

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