Dangers Of Cutting Off Skin Tags At Home

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Dangers Of Cutting Off Skin Tags At Home

Skin tags are neither painful nor harmful, but it may affect your looks. That is the reason why most people want to have them removed as early as possible. Many prefer to have them removed at home because it is cheap and quick. But is cutting of your blemishes at home a good idea? The answer is NO. There are many risks involved and in this article you will learn about the risks.

What are the Risks?

  • Infection. This is the foremost risk if cutting off skin tags at home. When skin tags are removed by a doctor he will certainly use sterile instruments. The most commonly used instruments used for skin tag removal at home are scissors, razor and kitchen knife. When these instruments are not sterilized, they are sure to cause infection.
  • Ugly scarring. Skin tags are removed for cosmetic reasons, but when you cut them yourself at home they may leave an ugly scar. The scarring may be permanent if it is not cut off properly. Scars may be bigger and uglier than the blemish itself. Permanent scarring may affect your looks, self confidence and skin.
  • Discoloration. Apart from permanent scarring, cutting off skin tags at home may cause permanent discoloration which can cause a lot of embarrassment if the discoloration is visible to others.
  • Heavy bleeding. Bleeding is natural after removing skin tags. Bleeding is not a problem if there is little bleeding. Sometime there may be heavy bleeding. Excessive bleeding could be dangerous. You may have to rush to the doctor to stop bleeding. To avoid these emergencies it is better to go to a doctor to have tags removed or to use home remedies.

Possibility of Other Problems

scissorsMoles and keratosis etc. are usually mistakes for skin tags. It is highly dangerous to cut off moles at home. They need to be surgically removed by a doctor. The possibilities of other skin problems should be ruled out only by a doctor.

Skin tags are harmless and benign, but some of them may be malignant. The nature of the skin tag can be determined only by a doctor. A doctor is able to differentiate a skin tag from a malignant tumor from the appearance. If he has any doubts he would send a sample for further tests like biopsy to rule out the possibility of cancer. Early diagnosis is essential to treat cancer. If skin tags of cut off at home the risks of misdiagnosis are very high.

Misinterpreting the Causes

Skin tags may be caused due to several reasons. Sometimes they may be caused due to medical issues like hormonal imbalance or endocrine disorders. They need to be treated to avoid further complications. The right cause can be detected and treated only if they are removed by a doctor. Moreover, skin tags are recurrent in diabetic patients and patients with HIV. It is not advisable to cut off skin tags at home if the person is a diabetic patient or HIV patient.

Cutting off involves a lot of medical risks. It is better to avoid them. The best person to remove your skin tag is your doctor. Contact your doctor to remove your blemishes safely and painlessly.

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