Pros and Cons of Cryotherapy (Freezing) For Skin Tag Removal

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Pros and Cons of Cryotherapy (Freezing) For Skin Tag Removal

Many people develop skin tags and removing these tags can be done through several processes. One of the most common methods used by doctors is cryotherapy or freezing the skin tag for easy removal. Cryotherapy is a process where liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the skin tag and then easily removed by the doctor. For anyone who has ever wondered about using cryotherapy to remove their skin tags, there are some definite pros and cons to this method.


One of the pros is that this method is the fastest and most efficient way to get rid of tags. By freezing the cell tissue quickly, individuals can have multiple lesions removed in just a few minutes. Cryotherapy is definitely the best way to remove more than one and is generally recommended by a doctor. Additionally, skin tags have less of a chance of reappearing when removed with liquid nitrogen. For individuals who struggle with skin tags coming back, this is a definite advantage.

doctorAnother pro of cryotherapy is that it’s a great option for lesions that are in hard to reach areas. Since tags will usually appear in places where skin rubs together like the shoulders for example, getting rid of them at home or with other methods can be very difficult. With freezing them off, a doctor will be able to reach the areas much more easily and be able to remove them.

Considering the pros of cryotherapy, individuals with tags do have to go in to see a doctor. While not extremely expensive, choosing to have a doctor remove them is more expensive than using home-based remedies. In some cases, insurance companies will cover the cost of skin care removal, so it’s important to check out available options before making a choice.


While freezing is very quick, it can be painful and cause some minor scarring in the area. After the tag has been frozen by the liquid nitrogen, it will be removed leaving a raw patch of skin behind. Without care, some of the surrounding skin may be removed as well, leaving an open wound. While generally this is not a problem, it’s easy to make a mistake and accidentally remove excess skin in the area. In these cases, there can be some scarring in the area. Also, when the liquid nitrogen is applied, it may freeze not just the skin tag, but also the surrounding skin, causing a freeze burn. This is fairly painful and also damaging to the surrounding skin. While most doctor’s offices are careful, there is a risk of the skin around the skin tag being damaged.

These are some of the pros and cons of freezing skin tags. This method is simple and efficient, great for people who want to get rid of their lesions easily. However, this may not be the best option for everyone as there are some risks associated with skin tag removal with liquid nitrogen. Use these pros and cons to decide the best removal option.

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