Are Skin Tags Cancerous?

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Are Skin Tags Cancerous?

Skin tags are usually harmless growths on the skin that appear on almost any part of the body. Most of these tags stay small and inconspicuous, while others can grow big and continue to increase in size until they become very noticeable. This is the time when they are often removed using excision or cauterization. Although the sight of these tags appearing on your face, neck, arms and armpits and chest can be quite unsettling, skin tags are rarely malignant. However, some people may prefer to have them removed regardless, just to be on the safe side.

Skin Tag Tumors

small blemishIt is easy be alarmed especially when the skin tags start to grow big and start to resemble tumors. Larger tags are called acrochordons and because of their size,they are categorized as tumors. However, despite the appearance, these tumors are not cancerous and do not develop into cancerous cells even if they continue to grow in size. The appearance and growth of skin tags is believed to be due to the abnormally fast growth of skin cells which results to the formation of tags. They look the way they do because the fibers that form the tags are looser compared to the fibers that compose the rest of the skin.

How to Remove Them

There are various kinds of cosmetic procedures for removing tags. These include excision and cauterization. Excision involves the cutting of the skin tag off from its stem. Cauterization, on the other hand, uses intense heat to burn the skin tags and remove them from the skin. Other methods for removing skin tags include ligation and cryotherapy. Ligation involves the use of a string tied around the skin tag stalk to cut the circulation off and slowly kill the tag. After a few days without circulation, the skin tag usually falls off. Cryotherapy involves freezing the blemish with the use of liquid nitrogen to kill the cells.

Should You Remove Your Blemish?

surgery in processThere is really nothing wrong with removing skin tags. If the presence of these growths become a source of embarrassment or anxiety, it may be easier to have them removed. It is also important to note that you may need to pay more if you wait until the skin tags become too numerous or too big, so it might be a good idea to have tags removed while they are small. Fortunately there are medications formulated to remove blemishes, benign moles and even warts which you can use at home.

These products do not require a doctor’s prescription, are made of natural ingredients, and are designed to get rid of warts and other growths on your skin the natural way. You can avoid the pain of excision or the cost that accompanies cryotherapy if you opt for natural topical remedies. It is important to get a clear diagnosis of the exact nature of the growth before you actually use these products to make sure that you are treating a skin tag and not some other abnormal skin growth.

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