Olive Oil for Stretch Marks – Is it Effective?

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Olive Oil for Stretch Marks – Is it Effective?

In this present age there are many creams, oils and even home remedies that report to reduce and even completely remove stretch marks. As much as there are some products that effectively remove/ reduce stretch marks it can be hard to identify them. You may have heard of olive oil and now wonder if it is an effective treatment for stretch marks removal. Currently there is no scientific evidence that states olive oil has the ability permanently clear off stretch marks. However, the oil can be used in reducing the formation of these marks. Pregnant mothers many years have used olive oil and this has sparked a lot of interest on its effectiveness in stretch marks prevention.

So What are Stretch Marks?

how do they look likeStretch marks occur when the skin is stretched over its limit in a very short duration of time. The most common reason for stretch mark occurrence is the rapid gain of weight for example during pregnancy. The increase in body weight results in the injury of the dermis which then results in the development of scars. The common areas where stretch marks occur include the upper arms, abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, back and breasts.

The Facts About Olive Oil

naturalOlive oil is composed of 4 different antioxidants that posses the ability to rejuvenate the skin after it has been damaged. These antioxidants are able to keep the skin hydrated by preventing water from evaporating from the skin surface. Olive oils is also rich in vitamin E, A and D all which are well known for their usefulness onto the well-being of the skin.

Olive oil is more of a preventative measure against stretch marks. This is because stretch marks occur below the upper layer of the skin and olive oil cannot penetrate to that layer. Olive oil works in the skin by adding moisture to it; moisture is important in keeping the skin hydrated and elastic. It acts as a lubricant during the process of stretching and therefore softens skin hence preventing the formation these marks on the skin.

Steps for Using Olive Oil

  • Wash the affected area with some warm water and mild soap. Dry the area gently. It is important to wash the area so that the skin can absorb the oil better.
  • Warm at least two some olive oil ( two tablespoons) so that the oil is warm to touch but not hot.
  • Now gently massage the warm oil olive onto the surface of your skin. Do this gently till the oil is completely absorbed into the skin.
  • Let the olive oil stay on your skin a few hours before you wash the area. Repeat the whole process one more time during the day.


  • It is important that you remain consistent in your application. If you are consistent then you will see a cosiderable reduction in the intensity the stretch marks within a month’s time.
  • In case you develop any harsh side effects to the oil such as redness or itchiness you are advised to discontinue use and to immediately seek medical assistance.

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