Skin Colored Moles – a Sign of Skin Cancer?

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Skin Colored Moles – a Sign of Skin Cancer?

As you already know, moles are slightly raised structures that appear on the skin. Now the notable thing is that whenever someone discovers a skin colored mole on his body he starts panicking! The first thing that comes to mind is whether it is cancerous or not. If you are passing through the same situation and have the same feeling then know how to detect whether your mole is a sign of cancer or not.

The Appearance of the Mole

To be short, skin colored moles are not necessary cancerous. The color of your mole should be uniform all throughout. Any shade of red or black anywhere must be looked with suspicion. There are many other factors that indicate cancer and you can read more about them below.

  • blemish photoExamine the edges of the mole. If it has smooth edges then there is nothing to worry. But if it has irregular edges then you should be anxious.
  • Notice how big it is. If it is a tiny one without any growth then there isn’t much to worry about. But if it has a diameter of 5 to 6 mm and shows signs of enlargement, be alert.
  • Are there any lymph nodes close by that have swelled up and the skin colored mole looks like an extension of these nodes? If yes then it needs immediate medical attention.
  • Identify whether there is one mole or quite a lot of them of varying sizes and unusual appearances. If your answer is ‘many’ then you must not wait any further. Rather, you should seek immediate medical attention.
  • If your mole show typical sensations like itching and burning then chances are that they are not benign. Be cautious whenever you find any of these moles bleeding. It can be a hint of the impending danger!

Other Influencing Factors

Besides the aesthetic feature of the blemish, there are factors like sun exposure and natural skin complexions that determine whether a mole can become carcinogenic or not.

signs of skin cancerDetect the area where the mole has developed. If the area is an exposed part of your body which gets constant sun exposure, you might be susceptible to skin cancer! However, you need medical investigations to know the truth. Do the moles look sun burnt?

This is again a probable sign of cancerous ulceration of your skin due to sun exposure! If you notice signs of photo aging along with the growth of skin colored moles on an exposed part of your skin, you need to worry a bit!

If you are a natural blond or red head with extremely fair skin then the skin colored moles on your body can be possible signs of skin cancer! Actually, skin types like these burns faster and result in carcinogenic growth due to the UV rays of sun. Sometimes a dormant mole suddenly starts showing signs of growth. If your skin colored mole shows the same characteristic then you need to be alert as it can a ‘dysplastic mole’. Such a type of mole can become carcinogenic with time!

  1. Jason Hill April 12, 2013 at 5:54 pm - Reply

    I’ve actually tried dermatend for skin tags but not for moles. I wonder if you remove the mole from the surface if it’s still potentially dangerous?? If it was cancerous and you had it removed, how would you even know? I guess it’s always wise to see a dermatoligist when in doubt.

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