Methods for Avoiding Scars After Mole Removal

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Methods for Avoiding Scars After Mole Removal

While having a mole removed might be what you want, the scarring afterward may not be expected. A lot of people don’t realize that scars can be left behind after this type of procedure. If you still want to get a mole removed but want to minimize chances of scarring, there are things you can do. While these aren’t guaranteed to result in scar-free skin; they can help out quite a bit!

Choosing Your Procedure

The method of removal that you choose will help determine how big of a scar you have and how noticeable it is. If you want to avoid scarring as much as possible, it’s important to research the different removal procedures your dermatologist offers. Laser surgery is generally the best option because it only results in slightly discolored skin instead of a scar. This will fade over the course of time, but may require some makeup if you want to get rid of its appearance.

Caring for Your Scar

  • vitamins and supplementsVitamins. The skin relies on vitamins that come through the food you eat as well as supplements. These help to keep it healthy and also allow it to generate new skin cells. When you’re eating a diet high in healthy foods and vitamins, your skin will be able to heal itself naturally. If you can’t get in a lot of vitamins throughout the day, consider taking combination supplements. Fish oils as well as vitamins e and c are all essential for healthy skin.
  • Itching. Your skin is going to itch after the removal, especially when new skin is starting to grow. It’s extremely important you don’t rub the area. This can cause damage to your skin and can make scarring more of a possibility. Use soothing ointments that your doctor approves of instead.
  • Sun. Avoiding the sun is vital when you’re going through the healing process. The UV rays that are emitted from the sun can damage skin and cause scarring where your skin is trying to heal. A bandage should be over your wound as well as a loose-fitting shirt that doesn’t rub on it. 
  • smokingSmoking. Smoking is bad for your body for a number of reasons, but did you know it is also bad for healing? When you smoke your body takes in a lot of toxins and chemicals, many of which are passed through the skin. By cutting out smoking weeks before and after your surgery, you will heal more quickly than ever and with less scarring. You never know, you may even be able to quit smoking for good!
  • Soothing Your Wound. By rubbing natural aloe vera gel or rose hip oil on your wound, it will be far less likely to scar. Lavender oil and vitamin c are also effective for treating scars. This should be done only after the wound has closed and the skin has started to heal on the surface of the skin. Also make sure to speak with your doctor before using any of these to make sure your skin is safe to use them.

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