4 Types of Mole Removal Surgery

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4 Types of Mole Removal Surgery

Moles are a common occurrence in the human body, and although they are usually benign and not harmful to the person, many people choose to have them removed. This may be due to the fact that a mole is in a more prominent spot on the face or neck and it may cause difficulty during shaving or get caught on clothing or jewellery.

Many people choose to have a professional remove their moles at the Doctor’s office. Most of these mole removal surgeries are quite simple and last for about an hour, they use local anesthetic and the out patient basis. When you talk with your doctor they will explain to you all of the options available to you. Here are four common types of mole removal surgery.

nice faceRemoval With Stitches

  • The mole and surrounding area is cleaned well and then made numb.
  • The lesion is then cut out with a small boundary around the mole itself, which is calculated by the risk factor that the moles presents.
  • The wound is now closed with stitches, which are either placed beneath the skin to dissolve naturally or on top of the skin where they will be taken out at a later time.

This type of removal is ideal for very dark moles and flat to the skin moles.

Removal With Cauterization

  • The area is cleaned and numbed.
  • With a scalpel the doctor shaves the mole down to skin level.
  • The are that was shaved is then burned with a electrical device to keep the wound from bleeding.
  • A gel or antibiotic cream is then applied to the effected area and then covered with a bandage.

This is used for moles that are raised above the surface of the skin. There is a chance that after the procedure is done the mole can grow back.

6 surgeon

Laser Surgery

Removal of moles with the use of a laser has become very popular in recent years. This happens when a burning beam of light heats the cells that make up the mole so that the cells begin to break down and slowly they are re integrated with the body itself. This is a fast, and efficient way to remove moles with a minimal chance of scarring. It is not designed for very deep moles or raised moles, because the light is not able to go deep enough in these cases.

Cryotherapy (Freezing)

middle ageThis is one of the most popular ways for removal of skin lesions, because it is very easy especially if your mole is not large. Your doctor simply uses liquid nitrogen to freeze your mole and it then falls off by itself.

In order to choose the right course of action for what type of surgery you will use, it is important to analyze what type of mole you have, whether it is small and flat, raised or large. These will be the determining factors that lead to the type of surgery that will be most beneficial for you. Also, make sure to follow the doctor’s after care orders, because this will ensure that there are no infections.

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