The Most Effective Mole Removal Creams and Their Ingredients

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The Most Effective Mole Removal Creams and Their Ingredients

Besides natural home based treatment option there are many other methods of mole removal. Dermatologists as well as many health care providers will talk of different types of medical procedures that can be used in mole removal. The downside to this is that some of the recommended procedures may be expensive and therefore not affordable to everyone. The expense can increase largely especially if you have multiple moles that you want removed.

That is why natural remedies become more and more popular nowadays and people often want to remove their skin lesions using mole removal creams. There are quite a lot of options available for people that are looking for mole removal creams and in this article we will talk about ingredients that are necessary for successful lesion removal.

What Ingredients Are Used to Make a Mole Removal Cream Effective?

There are some common ingredients that are used in different mole removal creams and removers that make them effective. You may find some of the following ingredients in mole removal creams.

  • remover ingredientsBloodroot: The name may sound rather gory but the important fact is that it is a useful ingredient. It is an herbaceous flowering plant that has got white petals and a yellow center, the plant is native to some regions of North America. In the USA bloodroot is approved to be used as an antibacterial and in colonial America it has been featured as a wart remedy.
  • Tee tree oil: It originates from the North East coast of New South Wales, Australia and is commonly referred to as Melaleuca oil. The oil is mostly colorless and has a somewhat fresh odor. For a long time now the oil has been used in many generations to treat different skin conditions. The strong anti fungal agents that are present in the oil make it ideal in treatment of conditions such as acne, mite, scabies as well as other skin infections
  • Salicylic Acid: Out of the other ingredients salicylic acid is probably the strongest one when it comes fighting off moles and other skin conditions. The source of the acid is the bark of the willow tree. You will find many skin treatment creams use it in their ingredients since it has both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Salicylic acid can be found in many fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, dates, blackberries, raisins, mushrooms and cantaloupes among many others.

Additional Ingredients

  • waterVegetable glycerine: It is used as an alternative for alcohol. Some people tend to get allergies when their skin comes in contact with alcohol and vegetable glycerine is sometimes preferred.
  • Distilled water: This ensures that the water used in the mole remover has no impurities.
  • Butter of zinc: It works as a disinfectant and is common in some antiseptic mouthwash.

Dermated is one of the leading brands that has received a lot of appraisal and recognition for yielding positive results after application. Many customer reviews about Dermated have been positive with customers even recommending the cream to their friends and family. The cream contains all ingredients that are required for effective lesion removal. 

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