Costs of Common Mole Removal Procedures

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Costs of Common Mole Removal Procedures

If you are wondering about how much it costs to remove moles from the skin, you can find the answers here at BeHealthy24.

The cost of removing a mole may differ according to the type of procedure you want done, as well as it’s location in the body. Here are some of the most common mole removal methods and their estimated costs.


cryotherapyCryotherapy is an affordable and rather painless way to remove moles. Cryotherapy uses a freezing agent, usually liquid nitrogen, to kill the cells that make up the mole. Once the mole is frozen, the cells start to die and the mole slowly disappears. Cryotherapy is a minor surgical procedure and usually takes just a few hours to do, so it is routinely done inside a doctor’s clinic. You may experience a mild discomfort as the freezing agent is administered, but this slowly disappears.

A session of cryotherapy usually costs around $25 to $60.


scalpelThis is the oldest method and is a very simple procedure that is done by cutting around the mole and extracting the tissue. Depending on the size of the mole, the doctor may need to sew the skin back together. If the mole is small and the tissue removed was very thin, the area may be allowed to heal on its own, or it may be cauterized. The doctor will leave a border around the excision area and the skin to safeguard against possible spread of malignant cells. Excision is a very simple procedure so it is often done in the doctor’s office. The doctor may use topical anesthesia so that the patient does not feel anything as the blemish is being excised.

This procedure will cost around $350.00.


Shaving is a procedure done for non-cancerous or benign blemishes. Shaving is simple and straightforward. The doctor uses a scalpel to shave the growth off the skin. A bandage can be applied on top of the shaved surface to prevent bleeding and infection. For larger moles, some stitches may be necessary to close the area up.

Shaving costs around $150 to $200.

Laser Surgery

laser surgeryThis procedure uses an intense, focused beam of light that is directed at the affected area. The energy directed at the mole turns to heat and burns the cells, causing the mole to disintegrate.

The remnants of the mole are absorbed by the body and a scab is left in the mole’s place. After some time the scab disappears and is replaced by new and smooth skin. Shallow, flat moles can be removed using one session of laser removal, but multiple sessions may be required for thicker moles.

The procedure costs between $250 to $1000 for each session.


radioThis procedure utilizes high frequency radio waves to remove the liquid in the cells. This destroys cells making up the mole, causing it to break down. Radiosurgery is relatively pain-free and and poses a lesser chance of scarring compared to more invasive mole removal techniques. It is also successful for different mole types.

Radiosurgery costs around $200 to $350 for each mole.

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