Are Painful Moles Usually A Sign Of Skin Cancer?

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Are Painful Moles Usually A Sign Of Skin Cancer?

It is safe to say that most people will probably have a mole or a series of moles at least once in their lifetime. So in case you wake up one day and discover that you have one; be reassured that you are not all alone in the world. Moles are not usually a cause for one to be alarmed. They basically just sit on the skin and mostly do not cause you any discomfort. Many people do not even notice them unless they are on a visible part of the body such as the face. You need to worry about moles if they turn out to be painful.

Are They Signs of Skin Cancer?

Many people usually think that moles are a sign for skin cancer. However there are many reasons as to why moles form on the skin and even become painful. It is wise to seek professional help before making any hasty conclusions about the condition. Some of the reasons for moles being painful are discussed below.

  • she feels painIt is very easy to have a painful mole especially if you keep touching it a lot. It can happen when one is sleeping or just from what may seem like a fairly innocuous knock to you.
  • If you wear tight clothes, they can end up rubbing on the mole and therefore aggravate it, this can cause it to be sensitive. The detergent that you use can also react negatively with your skin and cause the mole to be sensitive.
  • Moles do not usually bleed but shaving an area of the skin where a mole has developed can cause it to be sensitive.
  • An in-grown hair is a very common reason for a mole to be painful. Some of the hairs may be too small for you to notice thus causing a lot of pain and discomfort.

In such cases where the pain is generated by something that is not so serious there is little need for you to worry. The pain will usually subside in a period of just a few days. However if the pain does not subside this may be a sign of something more serious.

What Are Some of These Serious Signs?

If the mole has been painful for quite a period of time there is need to ask yourself the following questions.

  • cancer signsHas it by any chance been caught or knocked? Chances are that this may be the root cause for the pain. It is advisable to seek a second opinion from a professional for further analysis.
  • Has it been bleeding? This is a valid reason for you to be concerned especially if you are sure that the mole has not been caught or knocked.
  • Does it hurt when you press it? As earlier stated moles should not be painful or induce any discomfort on you.
  • Does it ooze out? Moles are not supposed to ooze out and if you notice this ask for a second opinion on the case.
  • Is the surface of the mole cracked? The surface of the mole should be smooth; if it is cracked then this may be a serious problem.
  • Is it itchy? Moles are not supposed to be painful or itchy. If the mole is itchy then this is a valid reason for you to seek medical attention.

A professional will be able to review your case with more expertise and determine whether the mole is a sign of something more serious.

A Word of Caution

Although a mole can disappear after sometime. It is not wise to just ignore it and hope for it to heal. Realize that a malignant melanoma just as breast cancer is responsible for many lives being lost. It can be treated effectively if noticed at the earlier stages. It is important to seek medical help as soon as you suffer from a painful mole. You may just save your life.

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