Reappearance of Moles: Why do New Moles Appear on Skin?

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Reappearance of Moles: Why do New Moles Appear on Skin?

Mole removal is fairly common for several reasons. If a mole is large or grows, a dermatologist may recommend removing it to avoid melanoma. Other common reasons for mole removal can include a mole being unsightly, in an embarrassing place, or simply being inconvenient.

No matter what the case, new moles can reappear on your body even after their removal. These reappearances occur for several main reasons and in this article we will discuss all of them.

Poor Removal Methods

Most moles are raised on the skin, and a dermatologist may choose to remove them by shaving the mole off of the skin. This will remove the raised tissue, but some remnant of the mole still remains in the skin. After this spot has healed, the pigment will still remain and individuals will notice that they have smooth skin, but still have a mole-colored spot in their skin.

surgery in processIn these cases the culprit is that part of the mole tissue is still present. For moles that are not raised, a dermatologist will actually dig into the skin to remove the entire growth. This method results in a clearer skin without the mole being present. For individuals going through mole removal, they should ask their dermatologist to ensure that the entire mole is removed.

Skin Prone To Moles

While mole removal is always possible, some people are more prone to moles than others. There are multiple reasons for the growth of moles, but genetics is a key factor. Individuals who have had their moles removed may notice that other moles have grown in the same area of skin. While this can be frustrating, it is a common occurrence and difficult to avoid. The appearance of moles is also encouraged by tanning and constant skin exposure. Individuals who tan themselves frequently will generally find that moles begin to appear in their skin. Wearing sunscreen while outside is the best way to avoid them growing back in the skin. Some people who are particularly prone to moles reappearing are redheads and people with lighter skin tones. They are naturally more sensitive to the sun and will find moles and freckles increased by constant exposure.

girl with frecklesSome products are actually designed to lighten the pigment of moles and can be used effectively to give the skin a more even tone. This option is also beneficial for individuals who have a large amount of freckles or lighter moles already. For them, mole removal may not be an option, but many prescription skin products and specialty lotions can help in this area.

These are some of the main reasons why moles can reappear after being removed. If having a blemish removed, talk to a dermatologist before the procedure to ensure that the mole will be removed completely, not leaving any part of it behind. Also, avoiding exposure to the sun can prevent further moles from appearing on the skin and keep the skin as clear as possible.

  1. Chelsea Smith March 1, 2013 at 2:29 am - Reply

    Thanks for sharing this. I just got my moles remove. I’m not afraid of it developing again, what I’m afraid is the scar I might develop. Any suggestions how to avoid it?

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