Why are Skin Moles Itchy?

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Why are Skin Moles Itchy?

Moles can appear all over the body and face; most people have at least a few of them. While generally these won’t bother you, they can if they become itchy and irritated. This is when a lot of people consider getting their moles completely removed. While removal is always an option, there are a lot of things you can do to relieve your itch. Determining why the skin mole is itchy is the very first part of the process.

Causes of Mole Itch

  • Sun Irritation. The UV rays that are emitted by the sun can damage the skin, but they can also cause irritation for your moles. If you have been out in the sun and your moles are starting to itch like crazy, put some aloe vera on them. You should also make sure to put sunscreen on the next time you go out in the sun, even if it doesn’t seem that bright outside. UV rays are always out, even when it’s cloudy and overcast.
  • small blemishShaving. Do you have moles on your face, legs or arms? Have you shaved recently? The blades of your razor can easily cause irritation with your moles when it brushes up against it. The removal of hair on or around the mole will also result it in growing back within a few days. Itching caused from hair growing back is inevitable for most people, which is why avoiding the area when shaving is such a great idea!
  • Shaving can also cause accidental cuts to appear on the mole, especially if it’s raised off of the surface of the skin. Itching can be a result of the scab that forms when the healing process for the skin begins.
  • Alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol can easily result in your mole being itchy and bothersome. This is due to the skin pushing out toxins from the alcohol the day after you drink it. You can avoid dealing with this by not drinking alcohol or limiting your consumption when you do drink.
  • Skin Products. The oils and chemicals that are in certain skin products, especially cosmetics can irritate your skin and your mole. These can cause a mild itch as well as something that is more severe. A big part of this depends on how sensitive your skin is and how you normally react to skin care products. It’s best to stick to products that are all natural and to avoid putting perfumes or any other chemicals directly onto the mole.
  • Clothing. If you’re wearing tight clothing or certain materials that are brushing up on the mole, you might want to change what you are wearing. Certain things can cause your mole to react negatively and itch like crazy with no relief. Cotton is the best clothing material to wear because it’s light and breathable.


Getting a mole removed can result in your skin being clear, but itching would occur once the skin started to grow back. It’s essential to keep aloe or other natural antibiotics on the area to prevent itching and promote healing.

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