Iodine Mole Removal Method from A to Z

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Iodine Mole Removal Method from A to Z

Moles are skin lesions that occur as dark or light swellings on the body. Many people will experience moles in their later ages, with others seeing 10 to 40 moles before their sunset days. There are many ways to deal with moles ranging from surgical to laser removal. Home remedies are much cheaper than the former but are not 100% guaranteed to deal with the issue. Iodine mole removal is one of the most popular ways to get rid of your skin blemishes and in this article we will talk about it.

As explained before, there are many removal methods that can be used for moles. Surgical and laser removal will leave spots and so not the best if you don’t want this. They are however fast and effective. You can also use iodine for a simple removal of the mole. Using iodine will take a little longer than many other methods but leaves no blemishes. This is perhaps what makes it a very good option. It is used for both dark and light moles. Here is a simple procedure on how to deal with moles using iodine. Iodine is available in drug stores and many other general consumer goods stores at a very cheap price. This will also depend on the amount you are buying. Very little is needed to treat moles.

  • tiny bottleYou will need water, a towel, Iodine and a cotton swab.
  • Make sure you first clean the area around your mole. This is to remove any dirt or oils that may be covering it.
  • Pat it dry to remove any moisture from cleaning.
  • Take a swab with iodine or a drop on the mole depending on its size. Rub softly around the mole until the whole mole is soaked well.
  • Leave it till morning assuming you did it before bedtime.
  • Rinse in the morning and wait for the results.


The use of iodine to remove moles does not have a guarantee with it. Most home remedies do not unless they involve the complete removal using surgical tool or burning the mole. These will leave unwanted marks and skin blemishes. The method is said to however work very well on large moles as opposed to freckle like ones. The results are seen within days to 2 weeks. Some will see the results as the mole starts to change color from the beginning. The removal process is however a good one to embark on as it does not cost anything except a fresh bottle of iodine which is important for your medicine cabinet. Iodine is a general disinfectant.

healthy skinYou will need to rinse the mole area very well to avoiding iodine staining as it has a deep purple color. You can also apply petroleum jelly around it to avoid staining of the skin. Moles are quite an embarrassment to many people. They will affect others to an extent that they cannot wear sleeveless clothes or those showing their back or chest.

They are likely to show up anywhere making them unpredictable. They are not painful but when cut will bleed. The gradual subsidence of the mole could be attributed to the fact that no marks are left.

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