Honey Mole Removal Method – Detailed Instructions

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Honey Mole Removal Method – Detailed Instructions

A Mole on the skin is very prevalent. Moles are easy to remove through surgery however can be removed using natural methods as is also quite affordable in comparison with the surgical ones. Hence, people today use several natural home remedies and honey is one of the best among those.

Honey for Mole Removal

Honey is proven to assist in the mole removal and the key reason behind using honey to clear out moles is that its a natural ingredient and it does not contain any harmful chemicals that can damage your skin and leave scars. in addition it makes the skin smoother and evens out the uneven melanin cells that forms the mole. The unprocessed sugar crystals in the honey exfoliate and cover the mole and breaks it down. It nourishes the skin through its therapeutic enzymes and antibiotic properties and acts as a natural healer.

4 Different Ways

  • bottle of natural ingredientApply the purest form of honey in the affected region twice, in the early morning and before sleep at night. This is the most common method used as it does not require any groundwork.
  • Rub the mole’s external surface using a semi abrasive and then apply honey to the mole, massaging in circular motions. Place an adhesive bandage on mole after applying, to stay in the moisture the whole day. Avoid doing this again till the next day, as excessive abrasion on the mole’s surface could cause irritation or lead to infection.
  • At night , dip a towel in hot water and firmly press it to the mole for couple of seconds thus this enables the skin pores and the mole to open to take hold of the honey . Following the towel press, apply honey on the mole, cover it with bandage to ensure not to rub off the honey during night.
  • Heat an ample quantity of honey in microwave for 15 seconds. Scoop up some honey using index and middle fingers and rub intensely onto the mole. The warm honey has got the similar effect like the previous method. It has been assumed that heating honey reduces its healing properties, thus, it takes more time with this method to work.

Instructions to Follow

  • skin blemishMake sure to clean up the area around the mole using some soap, wiping with washcloth thus leaving the spot oil-free that usually comes out on the surface of the skin.
  • Don’t forget to apply honey every single day, gaps in the application will can lead to a longer healing time.
  • Keep in mind various elements (like the initial size of the mole, raised or flat one, whether dark pigment layered under the skin or not, whether applied correctly or not) to decide on how long the application of honey to be continued.
  • Honey mole removal is one of the natural, safest, cost effective, comfortable and successful ways to make it possible to fade the moles away compared to medications and surgery.

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