Removing Moles, Skin Tags and Warts Using Dermanted – Review

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Removing Moles, Skin Tags and Warts Using Dermanted – Review

Skin tags, moles and warts affect people of all ages, men and women alike and they are usually harmless. However, these blemishes can be irritating and embarrassing. For that reason, experts have come up with an array of removal procedures for the blemishes but these procedures often mean costly trips to the medical practitioners. Fortunately, there are other cheaper ways of getting rid of these forms of lesions.

Dermatend is probably the best natural removal treatment as it employs a blend of natural ingredients and expert knowledge to offer a lasting solution to the moles, skin tags and warts. These natural ingredients remove the lesions by breaking down the abnormal skin tissue and stimulating the immune system to trigger the self healing process. Here is an overview of this highly effective skin tag removal product.


The formulation of dermatend incorporates the use of the best natural ingredients that work in great harmony to remove the skin lesions. Here are the major ingredients.

  • sanguinariaSanguinaria Canadensis. It’s is also known as blood root and its properties are believed to be poisonous to certain tissue cells. There is ample formal evidence supporting the idea that applying bloodroot topically can help dissolve the abnormal skin tissues that form the moles, skin tags and warts.
  • Vegetable Glycerin. This is a natural compound that has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. Additionally, vegetable glycerin is an ideal moisturizer and thus a perfect ingredient in the formulation of skin care products. The fact that it has antibacterial properties gives it the ability to accelerate the healing process which has a huge impact on lesion removal.
  • waterZinc Salts. Zinc salts are well known for promoting the immune system. They help the body to send signals that ignite the regeneration of new skin cells to replace the areas where the lesions have been removed. This speeds up the healing process.
  • Distilled Water. Apparently, distilled water is used in the formulation of skin care products so as to offer extra hydration to the skin. Besides this, dermatend uses this ingredient to curb the absorption of impurities and thus reduce the risk of infection.


Dermatend is applied topically and directly on the lesion but this must be done with a lot of care. Before applying the cream, you should scrub or scratch the lesion’s surface and clean using warm water and soap. This is important as it prepares the skin and allows the cream to easily permeate the upper layer of the skin so that it can work on the root of the ache. Make sure that you dry the mole before applying the cream. Equally important, the cream should not get into contact with the surrounding skin area and should be rinsed off after approximately 35 minutes.


before after

Before and After

You should expect a slight tingling sensation. This often signifies permeation which means that the preparation was successful. Additionally, you can experience light inflammation, but if the inflammation is excessive and accompanied with oozing, wash off the product immediately.

There are users who have reported the creation of a scab. This phenomenon should occur and if it doesn’t, you should repeat the process until it does. When the scan forms, it will detach itself after a few days and pave way for the development of new, healthy skin.

Does Dermatend Work?

As aforementioned, dermatend is highly effective cream and there are countless reviews that support this mantra. However, there are users who experience difficulty during the application process and thus receive less perfect results. This is obviously expected especially with such a vast audience.

All in all, reviews and reports demonstrate why the products is said to be the premier treatment when it comes to removing lesions. It’s not only fast, effective and safe, but can also be used by anybody and at the convenience of their homes. Furthermore, it’s relatively cheap compared to surgical operations and other treatment options.

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