Coriander Mole Removal Overview and Procedure

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Coriander Mole Removal Overview and Procedure

Moles can really bring down one’s self confidence specifically if there are many of them and are located in areas which are widely exposed such as the face, neck or arms. For adults, moles can lower down self-esteem, making it hard for them to face the world with confidence and self pride. As for teenagers and kids, moles are bothersome not just because it affects their physical appearance but those skin moles could be the reason why they become a center of tease around their friends. Hence it would be good to get rid of them as soon as you can.

Coriander mole removal is one natural way to remove or lighten moles. Many individuals had already seen positive outcomes from using coriander as a solution to remove their moles. The process is done by applying coriander paste into the affected areas and in this article you will find out how to use the method.

Why It Is The Wise Option

skin blemishCoriander pastes are easy to find and they can be purchased at very low prices. Aside from the fact that coriander is practically cheap, it is also a very safe way to remove those annoying moles from your body. Coriander mole removal erases the needs of going to a doctor for cosmetic surgery. With the application of coriander, you don’t have to go through painful and costly procedures just to get rid of those moles.

Moreover, conducting your own regimen gives you the confidence that you are doing the right thing unlike medical procedures where you will commonly have doubts in your mind. You will fear about the pain you’ll feel while undergoing the treatment and you will wonder if those procedures would really work and what are the possible side effects that you might encounter. Coriander mole removal, as proven by many people who have tried this natural remedy before, is a non-side effect cure to effectively get rid of moles within just a few days time.


For each regimen you will need coriander paste and adhesive tapes.

  • Firstly cleanse up the area where the moles are located. Simply use your mild regular soap. Do not apply any chemical-based cleansing solutions on your moles. Water and soap is enough.
  • Dry those areas using a clean towel and then carefully apply the coriander paste onto the moles making sure that the skin surrounding them is not in contact with the paste.
  • Secure the coriander paste in position by wrapping the area with the use of adhesive tapes. Leave it that way.
  • Change the adhesive tape once a day until the moles fall off.

Two Ways To Obtain The Paste

home remedy

There are many ways to obtain the paste. You can either buy it in grocery store or make it yourself. Simply obtain coriander from your garden. Crush coriander leaves or seeds and turn them into paste. This can be done by mixing the ground coriander with a little spring water. Mix the solution until it turns out sticky.

According to most users, coriander mole removal results will be visible within 7-10 days of regular treatment.

  1. Dana Caffrey January 23, 2013 at 4:54 am - Reply

    Thanks for sharing this information. I’d never thought that coriander can be used to remove moles. I’d like to get rid of my mole in the tip of my nose and I was annoyed. I will try this, see if this will work.

  2. Mortisha Brown February 7, 2013 at 12:57 am - Reply

    Thanks for this tips, very informative and useful. I have a mole in the tip of my nose and it’s really annoying. But if I had a mole like Cindy Crawford, I wouldn’t remove it.

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