Common Causes of Skin Moles. Why Do They Appear?

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Common Causes of Skin Moles. Why Do They Appear?

Moles appear on the skin and can often cause the individual cosmetic, or even health concern. Many people have wondered why moles appear on their skin at all. This article will answer those questions.

Moles are skin lesions that are usually oval shaped, or even round shaped. These lesions are darker than the normal skin color, because they are actually spots on the skin that are formed of melanocytes cells. When this happens it is because those melanocytes cells did not distribute themselves properly in the body as they normally would. These are the cells which produce melanin in the body, and this is the pigment that adds color to the skin, hair and eyes. So, these clumps of cells that form are called moles.

What Are The Causes For Moles?

  • beauty spotGenetics: You inherit your skin color, eye color and hair color through genetics, so it is the same with moles as well. Atypical Mole Syndrome is a syndrome that can be passed down through genetics. There is not a lot that can be done to change this, so many sufferers of this must change their lives to fit around this syndrome by wearing more sunscreen, hats and balancing their time in the sun.
  • Sunlight: This is one of the major causes of moles on the skin, because when your skin reacts directly with the sun it produces more melanin in the body. This allows people to get those great tans, but there are also times when the melanocytes cells that form in the body start clumping together to form new lesions. This can be avoided if you makes sure to protect your skin against the sun by staying out of the sun, wearing creams and lotions that are designed for protection against the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Hormones: There are several periods in life when the interaction of changing hormones in the body can greatly add to the creation of moles. These times are: puberty, pregnancy, menopause.

Although the production of moles is linked with the female hormone is effects both men and women. Problems with the thyroid gland can lead to an hormonal imbalance, which can lead to the production of moles on the skin. There are ways of fixing this hormonal imbalance in the thyroid gland, but a hormone replacement therapy regime can also lead to the production of moles, as it is one of the common side effects.

Are They Dangerous?

Moles are not usually dangerous, they are mainly benign, which means that they are not cancerous cells. However, some lesions could be cause for some alarm, because they might point the way to melanoma. It is very important that all moles be analyzed on a regular basis, because any big changes could be the sign that the mole is pre-cancerous. Signs to look out for:

  • Changes in size
  • Changes in color
  • Changes in shape

We recommend you to read our article: ABCDE Method for identifying signs of skin cancer to learn more about it. Some people may not think that checking moles for changes is not that big of a deal, but think of this, Melanoma takes a very high number of lives every year. The shocking fact that goes along with this fact, is that they could have been treated if they had noticed the changes in their moles.

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