How to Remove a Mole with Baking Soda

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How to Remove a Mole with Baking Soda

Have you ever wondered on how you can get rid of a mole? Well, there is a sure solution for that, and this solution happens to be using the baking soda mole removal procedure. This is a unique procedure which is easy and simple to use that you can do at your home. All that you need is the normal baking soda also known sodium bicarbonate. This is a commonly known food ingredient; it has no harm on your skin as long as you use it as required. Make sure that what you have is baking soda and not baking powder.

Note: Avoid using caustic soda since it is hazardous and it is being used in drain cleaning. You need to where protective gloves and eye wear while using this substance so as to avoid it from contacting with your skin.

The Removal System

a glass of oilFor positive results you will require a little castor oil from any drug store. It has been approved by the Food and Drugs Administration to be effective and safe. You will then have to mix a small amount of the castor oil together with your baking soda to make a paste. It is that paste which you will apply on the mole on an interval basis. Make sure to make an equal amount of the mixture so as to get a meaningful paste.

Additionally, for a positive baking soda mole removal process you will need a sterilized needle and emery board that you will use for abrading. Be careful about sterility to avoid infection since you are bound to prick the skin. It is good to observe cleanliness while doing that so that the baking soda treatment can work safely.

Procedure for the Baking Soda Mole Removal

Begin by cleaning the mole and the area around, and then you have to break its surface before you apply your paste. In the mole, make an opening using the needle and at the same time abrade the surface using the emery board. Be gentle so as not to mess with the mole, a small penetration of the paste is enough.

before and afterAfter applying the paste observe to see if you can feel some stinging sensation. In case you feel the stinging then that means you are having a great start with the process. Look for a cover to ensure that the paste remains intact with the mole to avoid it from wiping off because of the bed or your clothes. This is also a precaution you are taking to prevent you from any infection.

At least apply the paste two to three times a day. You can continue with the process every day until following the correct procedure until you notice some positive changes. At the same time keep on observing to see if there is an infection on your skin; it is good to check if there is any strange effect on your skin so as to deal with any abnormality on time. In case you see the treatment red, you don’t have to panic since it is normal and is also part of healing. You may notice skin discoloration, but that shouldn’t worry you because it is going to fade quickly and your skin will get back to normal. You really don’t have to worry about this baking soda mole removal system, as you have seen it cheap and simple to do as long as you know the procedure well.

  1. Mun March 2, 2013 at 4:26 pm - Reply

    Why cant u use powder instead of soda

  2. Sudhansu April 20, 2013 at 2:42 am - Reply

    Hi there..i have been using baking soda and castor oil method for 6 days now.but the mole has turned into a wound type of thing.should i stop the treatment or stings really bad.the area has swollen up too

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