The 10 Worst Foods That Make You Gain Weight

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The 10 Worst Foods That Make You Gain Weight

According to statistics almost 68% of the population in the United States is obese or overweight. This has been associated with the type of food that most people eat every day and the lack of exercise. The fat and sugar that is contained in most high-calorie foods will cause rapid weight gain if one does not exercise. In order to maintain a healthy weight there are certain foods that one is meant to avoid. The purpose of this article is to highlight the 10 worst foods that make you gain weight. Avoid them in your diet so as to maintain a healthy and attractive weight.

1. French fries

Anything that is fried is a source of fat and hence calories. French fries are one of the most consumed meal by people; especially those that opt to have their meals in fast food restaurants. Eating a lot of French fries can promote rapid and unhealthy weight gain.

2. Soda

Sodas are a preferred soft drink to many people worldwide. The problem is that they are easily available and can be found in almost any store. Sodas however have no nutritional value and are just but empty calories. The common ingredients found in sodas include

  • Sugar
  • Corn syrup
  • And food coloring among other sugar products

3. Ice Cream Milk Shakes

tasty milk shake

This is another type of beverage that preferred by many people. Milk shakes contain a lot of sugar, fat and flavoring that adds calories to the body. According to the American Dental Association the amount of sugar contained in a 62g chocolate milk rapidly increases your chances of getting tooth decay compared to drinks such as colas. This amount of sugar is not healthy and can lead to weight gain.

4. Pork Bacon

As much as one should avoid all versions of fried foods there are some that should be avoided more. Bacon is just belly fat from a pig; and this is not good. A lot of fat in the body can do a lot of harm such as clogging up your arteries to expanding your waist line.

5. Whole Milk

As much as milk is a great source of calcium, it is also loaded with a lot of calories. The worst thing about milk is that even after drinking it you may still not fill satisfied. Opt for nonfat milk which supplies your body with the nutritional benefit of milk minus the calories.

6. Beer

alcohol drinks

Beer possess a triple threat to your waistline as many people like to put it. It is high in

  • Carbs
  • Fat
  • Calories

All which are responsible for rapid weight accumulation in the body.

7. Chocolate Covered Donuts

Donuts are a favorite snack to many especially those working in the offices. However they have add very little nutritional value to the body. They are typically fried foods and the chocolate on top does little to improve the situation. Donuts are an assured way to gain weight rapidly and in an unhealthy manner.

8. White Baked Products

These include the likes of bread, scones, cakes, biscuits and buns. These are what you call pure refined carbohydrates which are responsible for boosting one’s sugar level. They trigger the release of insulin which causes the body to store up more fat.

9. Cereals that Have Added Sugar


Cereals that contain added frosting, peanut butter, cocoa flavoring or marshmallows contain a lot of calories in them. They can therefore lead to you gaining weigh gradually.

10. Salads

Research has shown that salads are good for diets and contain a lot of nutritional value. However if you are making a salad that contains a lot of high fat and calorie dressing, then the chances of gaining weight rather than losing it increases highly.

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