Methods and Dosages of Zinc for Acne Treatment

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Methods and Dosages of Zinc for Acne Treatment

The sufferers of acne will be well versed in spending large sums of money on so-called pharmaceutical cures, only to find that the results that are produced aren’t nearly as effective as the would have wished for. This is a situation that can affect as many as 80 percent of people; at one time or another this is precisely how many people are affected by acne. It is no wonder that some of these people have chosen to look at more cost effective and natural remedies. One of these remedies is zinc and by using zinc for acne treatment many people have found that it helps to eliminate the number of outbreaks that occur and can leave the skin feeling healthier and acne free.

How Does Zinc Work on Acne?

zinc supplementsZinc works to help regulate the activity of the body’s oil glands; in addition to this, zinc helps enormously by affecting the immune system by absorbing vitamin A and B so that the body is able to use them better thus improving your immune system.

Many people report that by adding additional zinc to their diets they are able to effectively reduce the outbreak levels of acne and over a period of time help their body’s to produce clearer skin.

As zinc is already found in the body it is already working to help promote good skin as well as many other benefits.


People who report to having used zinc supplements have said that they find their skin looks healthier and cleaner. They also add that the acne out breaks become less and less, very often resulting in completely clear skin.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Zinc for Acne Treatments

Zinc for acne treatments are a safe and natural way to fight the effects of acne; however there are additional things you can do to ensure their maximum effectiveness, these are:

  • Ensure you take the specific amount on a regular basis
  • Try to eat foods which contain good levels of zinc
  • Avoid using other acne treatments whilst taking zinc supplements
  • Consume less soy proteins, copper and grains. These will lessen the overall effectiveness of the zinc supplements
  • Test out both the oral and topical treatments to see which one your acne responds best to

The Different Types of Zinc For Acne Treatments

There are two ways that you can use zinc treatments, one is in oral form and the other is as a topical treatment. Different people respond differently to each one, so it is well worth trying both forms out to see which one your skin reacts best to.

Methods and Dosages


When taking the oral zinc supplements it is usual to take a dose of around 50mg each day, normally this is split into two 25mg capsules. Once the zinc has started to work on improving your skin it might be possible to lower the dosage down to something around 25mg each day.


Taken this way it is in the form of zinc oxide, and can greatly reduce the effects of acne. This is achieved by reducing sebum and oils from the affected areas, other uses for zinc oxide are in treating nappy rash, some minor burns and chapped skin.

To apply this it is best to follow these simple steps:

  • Cleanse the face using warm soap free water
  • Allow to dry naturally
  • Apply the zinc oxide gently to the whole of the facial area
  • Rub in the treatment until it is absorbed by the skin
  • Leave to dry thoroughly

This process can be repeated daily if required, normally there would be visible improvement in the affected skin areas around 2-3 weeks after starting this course of treatment.

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