Ways of Using Vitamin B5 to Get Rid of Acne

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Ways of Using Vitamin B5 to Get Rid of Acne

When an individual has acne it can have a negative effect on their life and very often it can cause issues with self-esteem and their general well-being; one possible answer is to use some kind of over-the-counter medicine to combat the acne. This, however, can work out to be very expensive and doesn’t always produce the kind of results that you would have hoped for. Perhaps this is why more and more people are turning to a natural way to fight the signs of acne; one such way is to take vitamins such as B5 for acne treatment, with many people reporting excellent results using this natural method.

How Vitamin B5 Treats Acne

Vitamin B5 works to prevent the build-up of fatty acids; normally in an acne outbreak it is these fatty acids that are excreted through the sebaceous glands. If you take the B5 vitamin orally it can have the effect of reducing not just facial acne but also body acne too. Taking high doses of vitamin B5 will produce Coenzyme-A, this is the element that is missing for most people who suffer with acne. It is this Coenzyme-A which works to break down the fats that are in the body and as a result help to prevent the appearance and reappearance of acne.

Very often the people that have used B5 vitamin for acne will speak of a much clearer skin complexion, with visibly reduced inflammation from the acne outbreaks; over a short period of time (normally just a few weeks) the skin is brighter and firmer than before.

How Much Vitamin B5 Should I Use Each Day?

vitaminsThe exact dosage of vitamin B5 that will be effective will vary from person to person; however, generally dosages are often recommended similar to the ones below:

  1. Take about 2 grams for the first 3-5 days.
  2. Take about 10 grams after this for the first 3 months or until the acne has cleared up.
  3. Slowly reduce the dosage to the lowest dose that still keeps the acne away, because this is different for each person it is best to reduce the dosage by 1 gram each week

Normally the vitamin B5 will come in tablets of 500mg, this means that for the larger dosage of 10 grams you would be taking 20 tablets per day, it is important to spread out the dosage. Most people find that when they take two lots of ten tablets or four lots of five tablets it works well.

10 grams of B5 is considered to be a very high dose, which could lead to some side effects; however most of these are considered quite minor. These can be avoided by taking a lower dose of around 3 grams – 5 grams each day

Some of the possible side effects that may occur are as follows:

  • Upset stomach
  • Mild diarrhoea
  • Chapped lips
  • An increase in appetite
  • Increased bathroom visits

What Other Ways Can I Take Vitamin B5 for Acne?

In powder form:

  • Mix the powder in an 8oz glass of mineral water.
  • Drink as the first drink in the morning.
  • Allow the mixture to be digested properly into the body, avoid eating or drinking anything else for around 45 minutes.

This method is very often a cheaper alternative that taking the tablet form; however it can be more difficult to measure out the exact does that is required. Anyone who is looking to use the powder version should invest in a set of scales to ensure that they are taking the proper dosage.

Normally this method would be followed each day for a month before the skin is visibly improved, and should be carried on until the acne has cleared up.

In topical form:

  • This is normally as a creme that would be purchased from a chemist or drug store
  • Gently cleanse the face with warm clean water
  • Allow it to dry naturally
  • Apply the creme to the affected areas of the face, ensuring that it is not under or over applied.
  • Leave the creme to be absorbed into the face properly.

This is usually in the form of a creme that would be applied to the area of the face that normally suffers from the appearance of acne. It is normally for this to be applied each day for a couple of weeks before a visible reduction in the acne occurs.

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