Does Sugar Cause Acne and How to Cut Down on Sugar Intake

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Does Sugar Cause Acne and How to Cut Down on Sugar Intake

The skin condition known as acne affects as many as 80 per cent of people at one time or another, with most acne developing when individuals are between the ages of 11 and 30. When acne occurs it is very often referred to as an outbreak, this essentially is when the skin literally cannot cope with the vast numbers of hormones and things like black heads, white heads and pimples start to occur. For many people this won’t be the end of their skin issues and as their pores become blocked the oily deposit known a sebum creates a highly visible and inflamed area.

What are the Factors That Can Cause Acne?

Scientists are continually working on different research to try to understand more about the things that cause different people to suffer from out breaks of acne. Much progress has been made in recent times; however it should be noted that there is still plenty that is unknown.

One of the areas that comes under intense spotlight when trying to understand more about acne and just why it occurs is an individual’s eating pattern or diet. One particular area or question that tends to always crop up is, does sugar cause acne?

Experts believe that there is indeed a very strong connection between acne and sugar, most probably the cause is not necessarily the sugar itself, but how the body deals with the process of digesting and breaking down the sugar itself. The process is as follows:

  • The sugar is consumed
  • Insulin is produced to counter the extra sugar levels
  • Testosterone is then produced as a result of the insulin
  • Sebum is produced, often in an oversupply as a direct result of the additional testosterone levels

It is perhaps important to understand that there are many different things that contain high levels of sugar; it isn’t just simply a case of putting sugar into your tea or coffee or on top of your morning cereals. So for many people cutting back can be quite a difficult thing to try to do. Obviously it is very easy to reduce the amount that is used in hot beverages; however to be aware of the sugar levels in general food is a little more complicated.

Often an individual will dramatically improve their acne by cutting out sugar from their diets completely; this in no small part confirms that sugar does cause acne.

How to Try to Cut Down on Sugar Intake

Once you have made the decision to try to cut down or even cut out sugar from your diet it is important to have some kind of plan to try to achieve this. Rather than just cutting it our completely, which can have other knock on effects to an individual’s body, it might be better to take a more considered approach. This might well be something like the following:

  • Reduce sugar levels gradually
  • If sugar is taken in hot drinks, cut down from by half the sugar level in the 1st week
  • During the 2nd week cut down again by half
  • Finally in the 3rd week you should be able to eliminate sugar completely from hot drinks

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The same would be applicable when it comes to sugary treats, and adding sugar to cereals and other meals. It can be quite off putting to go from normal levels to no sugar at all, most of the time when an individual attempts to do this they will end up not succeeding with their plan.

Another factor that is well worth considering is to replace the sugar with alternative sweeteners; there are many different ones that can be purchased. It might be worth trying a couple until you find one that you are happy with.

Additionally, as well as cutting down on the sugar levels to help improve acne it makes sense to try to introduce more vegetables into a diet. This can have a tremendous effect on the health of an individual’s skin, especially when combined with a lower sugar diet.

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