5 Issues That Can be Created by Popping Whiteheads

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5 Issues That Can be Created by Popping Whiteheads

A whitehead is one of the common elements when an individual is suffering from acne; they generally form on the face, back, neck or shoulders; however, they tend to me most visible when they appear on the nose area. The vast majority of people will suffer from some form of skin disorder during their lifetime, with nearly eighty per cent of people said to develop acne.

Contrary to popular belief acne isn’t generated by poor hygiene; it nearly always develops as a result of excess oil levels that are in the skin. This oil is produced from the sebaceous gland as is referred to a sebum, it is this excess oil that blocks the hair follicles and causes acne to appear. In this article we will talk about popping acne whiteheads and issues that can be created by this action.

The Best Way to Treat Whiteheads and Other Forms of Acne

boy with a pimpleMost people are able to use some kind of acne cleanser to help clear up their skin disorder, normally once the treatment is started it can take a week or so and the skin will clear back up to how it was before; however for some people acne can be much worse and outbreaks can be more common, leaving them with issues around self-confidence and personal well being.

Sometimes a person might be tempted to relieve their symptoms by popping whiteheads; this really is a bad idea and in most cases will only serve to worsen the problem.

Issues that can be created by popping whiteheads:

  • A mixture of oil and bacteria will spill onto the surrounding skin area
  • This can block the neighbouring skin pores, leading to more whiteheads
  • Very often the area is left more noticeable due to the redness that is left behind
  • The ‘popped’ area of skin can be left pitted or even scarred
  • The overall healing process is extended

It’s only natural to want to have healthy looking skin, very often an individual will come under enormous peer pressure, especially when they have acne. This can happen at any time of their lives, but tends to be most common around the time of education. The important thing to bear in mind is that popping whiteheads is not a sensible solution to this skin disorder and will only serve to make the issue worse

Alternative Ways

A much better way of trying to resolve the issue of whiteheads is to ensure that you keep your skin as clean as possible, a good way to ensure this is to:

  • Gently wash the skin with warm water and a mild soap
  • Pat dry after cleansing
  • Exfoliate the skin to help clean out pores and remove dead skin, very often products that include either glycolic or salicylic acid will work well
  • For more sever outbreaks it might be necessary to spot treat the areas, this can be done with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide
  • Repeat this process twice daily

In some more severe cases a visit to a dermatologist might be required, at this stage they will be able to take a close look at the individual’s particular skin issues and come up with a plan that will help to get the acne back under control. Very often this will include the use of products that are supplied under a prescription; these generally will produce the best results for individuals who have more acute forms of acne.

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