These 3 Remedies Will Help You Get Rid of Blackheads on Nose

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These 3 Remedies Will Help You Get Rid of Blackheads on Nose
In this article you will learn how to get rid of blackheads on nose using 3 proven home remedies. Blackheads are extremely common in people of all ages. They are caused by a build-up of the skins natural oil in the pores. As the oil is trapped in the pores with other bacteria and dead skin cells, it is oxidized and turns from a liquid to a solid. The reason that blackheads are especially common on the nose is that the nose is the central part of the oiliest place on the face known as the T-Zone.

get rid of blackheads on noseAs would be expected for such a common problem, there are thousands of products on the market which claim to be the ultimate at leaving skin free from blackheads. Unfortunately they all come with at a price and without any guarantees that they will deliver on their promise, some people look to ingredients that they already have at home before splashing out on expensive creams and facial washes. Below, are three remedies for blackheads on nose that are very popular, with a good number of people supporting each theory.

Baking Soda and Lemon

  1. Boil some water and leave until it is at a hot temperature that you are able to withstand on the skin
  2. Soak a clean flannel in the hot water, squeeze excess fluid out and then apply to face 2/3 times. This will open the pores and soften the hard oils within them.
  3. Mix together the juice of a lemon (preferably fresh) and some baking soda
  4. Apply the lemon mixture to the problem area and leave overnight. This may cause some initial irritation but it is important not to touch the area
  5. Wash the face thoroughly in the morning

The main reason this is thought to work is the acid contained in the lemon. Some acne related products use the same acid in their treatments because of its ability to kill bacteria. Also the opening up of the pores and softening of the dirt etc. would make the blackheads more accessible on its own.

Boiled Potato

  1. Peel and boil a potato until it is slightly soft. Be careful not to overcook it.
  2. Cut a thin strip from the potato (pencil size)
  3. Break the strip in half and use a large bandage or old pair of tights, anything you have to hand, to strap the two pieces of potato to either side of your nose
  4. Leave overnight and remove in the morning
    In the morning, the majority of the blackheads should have been deposited on the potato or be clearly visible on the surface of the skin and easier to use. It is thought that certain properties within the potato help to break down the oils and draw impurities to the surface.

Honey and Sugar Scrub

  1. Take half cup of sugar and mix it with 1 and a half cups of honey
  2. Rinse the face with warm water to open up the pores leave the face damp
  3. Apply the honey and sugar scrub all over the face paying special attention to problem areas
  4. Work the scrub into the face for around 2-3 minutes
  5. Rinse thoroughly with warm water
  6. Splash cold water on the face to close the newly cleaned pores
  7. Pat dry with a clean towel

Honey is known to be an excellent moisturizes of the skin and with the grit of the sugar, this can make an excellent scrub with natural ingredients.

Do they Really Work?

There are millions of remedies for all types of ailments so it stands to reason that not all of them will work. There are numerous variations for the above remedies alone with slight tweaks here and there which may or may not work any better for the individual. Some people swear by using toothpaste as opposed to lemon juice or simply dabbing Tea Tree Oil or Witchazel directly on to the affected areas. The most obvious benefit from trying these therapies is that they cost little or nothing to try, often using ingredients that are easily found in the house or the medicine cabinet. There is so much information on the internet for home remedies that a person could try hundreds of them before they had to really look into going the down the pharmaceutical route. Or of course, they could try one and it could work perfectly first time!

If the home remedies seem a bit too far-fetched though, then there is always an array of skin care products and cosmetologists willing to share their thoughts on how to get rid of blackheads on nose. There are countless tools out there such as blackhead removers or nasal strips that effectively yank the blackhead right out of the skin. Although these may seem to work, it is believed by some that forcing a blackhead out by squeezing or other harsh methods may in fact do more damage to the skin in the long run. This has not been confirmed by any professional in the field though and these kinds of products are used happily by thousands all the time.

Alternatively, such treatments such as Exposed Skin Care have dedicated themselves to providing top notch acne fighting products with what would seem like, amazing results. They pride themselves on being able to combat causes of acne and kill the bacterium which causes problems like blackheads to arise. Benefits of such treatments mean that the blackheads and other blemishes are removed in a more gentle way without having to exert pressure on the skin which may be harmful.


Whatever path is chosen, whether it is designed and made by a team of scientists or whether it is a tale that has been passed on from friend to friend, one thing must be remembered. The key to keeping blackheads at bay is to have a good, regular cleansing system, a healthy diet and an ability to persevere with any chosen medication/treatment for a fair amount of time to see the best results.

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