How Natural Honey Treats Acne

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How Natural Honey Treats Acne

Acne affects almost 8 out of 10 people during the course of their lifetime; of course you can turn to medicine such as antibiotics to help but unfortunately these remedies very often end up being expensive and many of them aren’t rally that effective anyway. With this in mind, it may not come as too much of a surprise to see that many people are now turning to more cost effective ways of treating their acne; very often this will involve a natural home remedy. Using honey for acne treatment is one of the most popular ways to achieve a clearer complexion, without the need to use any harsh, abrasive or expensive chemicals on your skin.

How Natural Honey Treats Acne

Natural honey contains many properties that can play a vital role in the fight against acne. One such property is that when honey is mixed with water it produces hydrogen peroxide; this is an excellent mild antiseptic. This antiseptic can help by killing the bacteria that causes acne breakouts. When this bacteria is killed it not only helps to clear up the skin, but regular applications can also help to prevent future breakouts.

Honey also makes a great exfoliate, it contains gluconic acid which is one of the mild alpha hydroxy acids; these acids are very safe to use on your skin, and when used on the facial area can help to shed dead skin by loosening the bonds between these skin layers.

The people that use honey for acne will very often testify that their skin feels brighter than before, with some even claiming that they look younger. This is because the hydroxy acids also stimulate collagen production, helping the skins elasticity; plus the amino acids that are found in honey also help the skin to hold in much more of the required essential moisture.

What Honey Should You Use?

When it comes to using honey for acne it is important to buy the raw or natural honey, and if at all possible you should try to use organic honey. This way the unprocessed honey will not have been treated with pesticides or other chemicals that will reduce its healing effects. The very best honey to use it that is produced from local hives, if you are lucky enough to live close by; however for those who don’t there are many places on the internet that you can buy natural unprocessed honey from. In rare cases people can be allergic to honey, so it should be noted that it is a good idea to test the honey on another body part before applying to the facial area, normally the elbow area is best for this.

How to Use Natural Honey

The best way to use the natural honey is as a topical application, applying the natural honey directly to the skin is the best way to help cleanse the skin of its bacteria, thus reducing the effects of the acne. When it is gently washed off the hydrogen peroxide that is produced acts as a mild antiseptic, helping to actively reduce the appearance of the acne; whilst the exfoliating properties of the honey work to remove dead skin cells and help to brighten the complexion. The honey should be used when it is slightly warm as it will be easier to apply as a face mask; however it is important to warm it naturally and avoid using a stove or a microwave to do so as this will overheat the honey and reduce its effectiveness, simply warming the honey in your hands should be sufficient.

How to Apply the Honey

For topical treatment:

  • Gently cleanse the skin and allow it to dry naturally
  • The honey should be applied neat, no need to mix it with anything else
  • Apply a liberal spread of the honey to the whole of your face
  • Ensure that you an even coat on all of your face
  • Leave it on for 15 – 20 minutes
  • Gently rinse off with clean warm water
  • Pat dry your face

This treatment should be completed each day for a couple of weeks, and after this stage you should be able to see a noticeable improvement in you skins quality. In the unlikely event of a reaction with your skin to the honey it should be washed off with warm water immediately.


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