How to Use Argan Oil to Treat Acne

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How to Use Argan Oil to Treat Acne

When it comes to trying to deal with acne, most people will have tried some of the so-called cures that are offered by the many pharmaceutical companies, only to find that things don’t really change much – except for spending vast sums of money in the hope of ridding themselves of the acne. It is no wonder, then, that more and more people are happy to try some of the more cost effective, natural home remedies as opposed to continuing to spend huge amounts on over-the-counter medicines. Argan oil for acne treatments is one of these natural remedies and it seems to be getting very favorable feedback from the many people that have used it.

How Does Argan Oil Treat Acne?

argan oilArgan oil contains high levels of vitamin E; it is this vitamin in particular that helps to break down the body’s fat reserves. When it comes to the skin the argan oil helps by reducing the excess levels of sebum that is produced, this in turn reduces the possibility of acne from occurring by unblocking the pores in the skin that get infected. Over just a short period of time many people who use argan oil for acne have reported that their condition started to clear up, leaving the skin much clearer than before.

The different vitamins and nutrients that can be found in the argan oil help to keep the skin supple and youthful in appearance.

How to Use the Argan Oil

The argan oil is used as a topical application, in most cases it is best to start by applying the oil once per day – normally at night time – to see how the skin reacts to the new treatment. Then after a few days it can be applied in the morning as well.

Applying the argan oil directly onto freshly cleansed skin is a great way to remove any other bacteria and allow the vitamin E and other nutrients to get to work, with the oil being very quickly absorbed into the skin. The oil will go a long way into helping the skin to regain control of the sebum levels and as a result will allow the skin to become clear of the acne.

Application Method

  • Always cleanse the skin thoroughly before applying the argan oil
  • Allow the skin to dry naturally
  • Apply a modest amount of the oil onto the skin, normally only 2-3 drops are required
  • Massage the oil gently into the skin until it has soaked in
  • For acne scars add another drop of oil and continue to massage in
  • For crow’s feet or fine lines, again add another drop of the argan oil and massage into the skin

Ordinarily you will begin to notice a visible difference in just a couple of weeks, once you are using the argan oil for acne treatment two times per day; the skin will look more supple and have a brighter shine to it, plus of course the acne outbreaks will have reduced dramatically.

Other Uses for Argan Oil

Very often the oil is also used as a treatment for head conditions, such as dry scalp. If this is the case then it a couple of drops can be massaged into the hair and scalp when it comes time to wash your hair. The oil can also be left in overnight if you are seeking a more intense treatment, the natural elements in the argan oil will cause no damage to your hair or scalp.

It can also be used to help lessen pregnancy scars or stretch marks; the oil has the ability to assist the skin in regaining its elasticity.

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