8 Best Vitamins to Clear Acne

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8 Best Vitamins to Clear Acne

Anyone who has suffered with acne will be able to confirm that this is one of the most distressing of ailments; unfortunately it affects something like 8 out of 10 people at some time or another. Many people will have tried pharmaceutical medicines to alleviate the condition, very often without a great deal of success; perhaps, then, it is no wonder people are now turning to alternatives to improve their acne. These alternatives tend to be a cheaper option too and very often feature more natural ingredients. A large number of people have found for their acne, vitamins as treatment can have very real and positive results on their skin problems.

How do Vitamins Treat Acne?

vitaminsWell there is no one way to answer this question; the many different vitamins that can be used to fight and improve the appearance of acne do so in many different ways. Some will enhance the body’s immune system, whilst others will feature antibacterial elements to help reduce the appearance of the acne areas. Some of the other vitamin treatments work to rid the face of dead skin cells that would otherwise block the pores and ultimately lead to an acne outbreak.

With this in mind there are many people that report by taking additional vitamins they can help to dramatically reduce the overall appearance of their acne and very often stop out breaks completely. They feel sure that for their acne, vitamins are a big help.

What are the Different Vitamins That do This?

  • Vitamin C, this helps by building immunities towards toxins and infections
  • Vitamin E, this is found in nearly all skin creams and ointments; its healing properties go a long way into improving the looks of damaged skin areas
  • Vitamin B, there are many different B group vitamins that contribute to helping achieve clear skin; B-complex vitamins are very good at improving circulation and with that reduce scarring effects
  • Pantothenic Acid, this is often better known as vitamin B5; this is effective when taken in higher dosages. It will then produce Coenzyme-A which goes on to break down the fatty deposits and help to prevent the appearance or reappearance of acne
  • Vitamin K, this can help to speed healing and repair damaged skin cells; especially those that have been damaged by discoloration or dryness due to acne
  • Chromium, is best taken as a supplement and helps to combat acne by reducing infections in the skin
  • Selenium, this works as an antioxidant, aiding skin elasticity and assisting in reducing inflammation in the areas of acne
  • Zinc, this plays a role by regulating the activity of your oil glands, in addition to this zinc is also an antioxidant that protects against the effects of free radicals

Should I take More Than One of These?

centrum vitaminsThe answer to this is quite simple, if you have ever taken any multi vitamins then they will have more than likely featured all of the above and more; however when it comes to taking these supplements as treatments against acne then it is better to obtain them separately, where they can be more effective.

For example if you chose to use vitamin B5 to help with an acne issue then the amount required to be effective would be significantly greater than is supplied within a multi vitamin pack.

As with any additional vitamin or mineral intake it is always important to read the label well to ensure that you stay within recommended and safe intake levels. Caution should also be used when taking additional vitamin or minerals over an extended period of time especially in the form of a much increased dosage.

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