7 Types of Food That Can Cause Acne

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7 Types of Food That Can Cause Acne

Suffering from acne is a real and serious issue for the many millions of people that it affects; it is estimated that nearly 4 out of 5 people will have to deal with this skin condition at some time or another. Acne tends to be more prevalent in people aged between 11 and 30, although it can also strike much later on in life.

Research is not conclusive as to the exact reasons as to just why acne develops, with many different reasons being cited as to the reasons that acne. One thing is for sure, though; when an individual develops acne it can be the start of a very distressing time for them. The onset of acne seems to happen very quickly for most people; however ridding themselves of this terrible skin problem is a much longer and more difficult process.

acne placesVery often people have found that their acne is brought about from some of the following situations:

  • Stress
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Obesity
  • Diet
  • Pregnancy

If we take a look at the area of diet, many scientists have been trying to establish if there is a link between foods that cause acne, whilst there have been numerous studies to support this theory, there still needs to be more research carried out.

Looking at the possible different types of foods that might have a bearing on whether an individual develops acne, eating some of the following tends to be the ones that most people acknowledge that can lead to the acne skin issues:

  • Processed foods: Very often this type of food will contain an excess of sugar and salt and hydrogenated oils, it is thought that these can have a significant bearing on the likelihood of an individual having an acne breakout, if consumed over a longer period of time.
  • Chocolate: Most people will enjoy the odd chocolate bar, this tends to have little or no effect on people when consumed in moderation; however when chocolate is eaten in larger quantities and in particular by teenagers it is thought that this increases the chances of that person developing the skin complaint. Research has hinted that the milk chocolate is higher in sugar and puts an individual at a higher risk of acne break out than the lower sugar dark chocolate variety.
  • Caffeine: It is important to understand that this does not only relate to drinking coffee, in fact there are dozens of different drinks that contain levels of caffeine; things like tea, sodas and energy drinks are also places where large amounts of caffeine can be found. It is believed that the adrenal glands are stimulated by caffeine; as a result this can affect the hormone levels that are in our bodies. Smaller amounts of caffeine have very little effect; however when it is digested in larger quantities and on a regular basis this is where the issues can arise.
  • Shellfish: It is believed that the increased levels of iodine that can be found in many varieties of shellfish to be one of the main reasons as to why people develop acne after eating shellfish. In addition to this, larger volumes of iodized salt can also have a similar effect.
  • Dairy products: When an individual is already suffering from the signs of acne, dairy products very often will go on to cause the situation to get worse. Dairy type products are very often higher in fat levels and as a result can increase the likelihood of an individual developing the skin complaint, with the body simply unable to cope with the increased levels of fats that are consumed. The milk products that are produced are very often generated from pregnant cows, these cows pass off their hormones in the milk that is drunk every day. The increased hormone levels have been proven to have a contributory effect on acne complaints.
  • alcoholAlcohol: Although not a food, it is worth understanding that there is a very real link between this and acne. Alcohol tends to lead to hormonal imbalances, as well as going on to increase stress levels and also disturb sleep patterns. All of these things combine is said to be a major factor in the chances of an individual developing acne.
  • High fat content foods: This is quite generic as it can apply to many different types of foods. These types of foods have long been thought to provide individuals with many difficulties relating to blood sugar levels. This in turn will help to create a hormonal imbalance that can create additional amounts of sebum; it is this sebum overproduction that is blamed for creating acne issues.

So now, perhaps there is a slightly better understanding about what foods cause acne; however for most people they can consume moderate amounts of the above foods without going on to develop serious acne issues. It is normally when an individual consumes greater quantities of these on a regular basis that they put their body at risk of generating massive amounts of hormones. When this happens the body cannot cope and goes into some kind of over-drive, with the result very often coming in the form of an acne break out.

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