Causes of Acne During Pregnancy and Effective Treatment Methods

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Causes of Acne During Pregnancy and Effective Treatment Methods

Acne can be a terrible thing for people to have to deal with; very often the outbreaks develop almost from nowhere and can take quite some time to clear up; even when the individual concerned uses different types of treatment.

It would seem that acne affects the vast majority of people at one stage or another; very often the acne is more prominent between the ages of 11 and 30. This is perhaps as a result of the dramatic hormonal changes that a person will undergo when they are in the teen-stage. It is thought that almost 80 per cent of people will battle with acne during their life; this figure is often even higher when one or both parents have been acne sufferers as well.

Experts continue to search for answers as to exactly why acne outbreaks occur, there is still much that they will openly admit that they are not sure about. However most of them will agree that hormonal changes play a very real part in why acne occurs, one of the biggest hormonal changes occurs during pregnancy; at this stage hormones simply play havoc with the body’s normal functions.

Hormonal Imbalance During Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant their hormones can increase dramatically, particularly the hormone that is referred to as androgen, when this happens the androgens can prompt the sebaceous glands in the skin to increase in size. It is the sebaceous glands that are responsible for producing sebum, which in turn when over produced, will very often block the pores in the skin; with the result being an acne break out.

Women report of acne break outs occurring at various different stages of pregnancy, sometimes it can be fairly mild and will clear up quite quickly; however for a large number of women they find that their pregnancy acne is quite acute and takes a much longer period of time before they can get it under control.

What Can be Done to Treat Acne?

acneObviously during this important time for a woman it is vital that any treatments for acne that they undergo do not have a negative effect on the health and well-being of their unborn baby, with this in mind many women will undertake the following to try to help with their acne:

  • Wash the facial areas gently with a combination of warm water and mild soap twice daily.
  • Avoiding scrubbing the face with a wash cloth as this can aggravate the acne.
  • Pat the skin dry after cleansing, avoid rubbing it with a towel.
  • Any moisturiser that is used should be of the oil free type.
  • Avoid squeezing any pimples, this will always make the situation worse and can also lead to scarring.
  • If makeup is to be applied, always make sure it is water based as opposed to oil based; additionally always clean the makeup off before going to bed.

If the acne is particularly severe then it will be worth speaking to a dermatologist, who can advise of any additional treatments that might be available; these would be things like medicated lotions or gels.

It is vital that before using any over the counter treatments for acne during pregnancy that the advice of a healthcare professional is taken, very often these treatments can help to clear up the acne; but they may well also be harmful to the unborn baby.

Eating a well balance nutritional diet is important for all women during pregnancy, for both the woman’s and the baby’s well-being. In addition to this the right amount of fruits and vegetables can also go a long way in helping to reduce the chances of a serious acne breakout.

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